I have these center caps that are in desperate need of rstoration. They look to be nickel-plated(I think) brass that's embossed then enameled. Anybody know of a place I can send them to get redone?


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I did not know that Pantera had this style of wheel centers. My Mangusta does have that style. I stripped them and had then re-plated (ask plater to go easy on buffing) then had a local pin-stripper repaint the lower regions.

I had a 5th center I did not strip to match colors. White is off white and blue is lighter than the current silk screen buttons and newer grill badges
I got them from a friend on this forum who had both a Pushbutton and a Mangusta. They are a lot better made, despite their current condition, but assumed they were from his Pantera. These could very well be from his Mangusta. These things were made like medallions and are heavier weight the aluminum silk-screened reproductions they sell nowadays. That's why I wanted to go through the trouble of restoring them. I seem to recall the Pantera center caps were brass too but not sure. Or, he did give me five caps and I was looking at the 5th one that I put in a one-slot wheel I sold a while back. Oh well.

At any rate, thanks for the info.
A google search of "enamel auto badge repair" turned up a couple of hits. You may have to ship them to Europe. I would definitely have them restored. They really don't compare to the silk screened replacements.
What a quality item, I have what I think are original 1972 Pantera wheel centres but they are not like those.
I removed them and bought the new style ones.
They could be done by Pamela ???? in devon England but would be costly and take a long time.
Peter we are in the process of getting quotes for a batch of these made by the people you mentioned, also having some of the very early centres made up, I have been informed that the first ones were made with the argentine colours horizontal instead of vertical, I believe these were fitted to the vallelunga and some of the first Mangustas. don't know whether these fact are correct but certainly the horizontal blue and white were made!


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