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All forum members who purchase a RobbMc fuel pump between now and January 1st 2006 will receive a 5% discount.

In addition, all members who purchase a pump between now and January 1st will receive a rebate check in the mail during the month of January 2006. The amount of the rebate depends on the total number of pumps purchased by forum members between now and January 1st. The more pumps purchased, the larger the rebate checks:

Total # of Pumps Purchased, Amount of Rebate
2 pumps, 2%
3 pumps, 3%
4 pumps, 4%
etc, etc up to 50 pumps 50 %

We can offer these rebates because when we buy and manufacture the components required to make our pumps in volume, we save money and pass the savings on to our customers.

The discount and rebates apply to any combination of 110 gph and 220 gph pumps.

Our website is

Please check our FAQ page if you have any questions. If all your questions are not
answered, ask them on this thread.

When purchasing a pump, please state your forum user name and the name of the forum. Each time a forum member purchases a pump I will post it on this thread so all members can see the the total number of pumps purchased so far and how much
the rebate checks are going to be. The more people that purchase, the more money everyone saves.


Robb McMackin
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