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i just bought a SCM Dual Plane intake Manifold with flat carb pad for use with the stock pantera engine covers.

The intake manifold is beautiful with a superb finish.

Communication with Scott Cook was perfect and without delay.

Price=770 Aud (email:








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I know of the substantial development time Scott spent on this manifold. He wrung every horsepower possible out of it. Its a true high rise manifold. Its also a true dual plane manifold, the plenum divider is not cut down like the plenum divider of the Edelbrock RPM air gap manifold. I consider that a BIG advantage. Scott tried several configurations of reduced plenum divider, they all sacrificed low rpm performance. The runners are about 3 square inches cross section, which is about where they should be. That's a little bit bigger than the runners of the Edelbrock performer intake manifold.  Flow consistency is very good as well.

I would love to see a real apples to apples (back to back) comparison of this manifold vs the Blue Thunder manifold, on an engine equipped with iron 4V heads.

Since it has no exhaust heat, use a carburetor with annular boosters.


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I have been running this intake for a couple of years now, painted the right shade of blue and with a stock aircleaner, it makes the engine look very nice and stock, and camouflages whatever aftermarket carb you are running. I switched out an Eddelbrock manifold. To be perfectly honest, I have a pretty stock engine, with iron heads, probably rebuilt in the '90s with 300 hp and I don't work it very hard, so given all that, I didn't expect any dramatic improvement and I can't say whether it gives any extra hp or torque. If I had a freshly rebuilt engine, with nice heads, cam, carb etc, I would expect to see some improvement from it. That said, the current engine runs well and does seem to have good torque. I bought mine personally from Scott, when I was back home a few years ago. Super nice guy and really seems to know what he is doing, and collaborates with other experts.

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