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The vendors all say there is no such thing as a stock brake master cylinder rebuild kit for our cars, and they do not carry the seals for the brake master cylinders...anyone know if there are rebuild kits (maybe for the brake master in the Ferrari 308?)? Anyone know of a rebuild kit at Napa, Kragen, etc that uses the same seals?

Many thanks for any guidance
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Old 2004 info from a thread here:

"Master Cylinder Seals: These are 7/8" Alfa Romeo rear wheel cylinder seals (3 required) and are available under a part # 4115452 from GT Car Parts in Phoenix, 623-780-2200 (Dave). The rear seal is not available as far as I know, but it looks to be a wiper seal, so if you have a problem, this seal isn't going to save anything reuse it."

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If I get desperate enough I will use the new one that is available through the vendors. I have one- though they call it a reproduction, it will not fool anyone, there are many differences, including the reservoir being backward, the size, the wording, etc.

I spoke with someone briefly at GT Car Parts- they asked for the bore (I believe it is 23?), they now have "rebuild kits" available in different sizes. I will get back with them tomorrow.
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