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Hi All,

I am about begin a new and exciting Pantera project (separate discussion) and need to sell my current Pantera. I can either take it to PI Motorsports and have Jerry sell it, or I can try to sell it on eBay. I also need to identify a price for the car. Please let me know your thoughts on how to proceed. Below is a description of the car.

1971 Detomaso Pantera
Mileage: 73,204
Original 351C motor and ZF transaxle
Finish in the engine bay is among the best of the Panteras
Engine rebuild includes:
Roller rockers
High torque cam
Full MSD ignition
Holley 650 double pumper carburator
100 amp alternator
Consistently starts on first turn
Shifter and linkage rebuilt with:
Polished stainless u-joints
Precision fit spherical trunnion bearing
Powder coat paint
Modernized AC with condenser in front with dual fans
AC outputs 38 degrees at vents
Hall Phoenix radiator with dual fans
Billet Campy wheels with 335/35/17 rear tires
Completely rebuilt suspension and steering including:
Bushings and ball joints
Sway bar bushings
Brand new steering rack
Powder coat paint
Interior completely resurfaced in leather
Extensive use of sound deadeners and insulation
Passenger compartment is cool and relatively quiet


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I'm not very comfortable with that option. I went to the inaugural Barrett-Jackson auction here in Orange County and saw two Panteras sell for very low prices. It seemed like the buyers were getting great deals while the sellers must have been crying since there was no reserve. It is probably out of my league to go to Barrett-Jackson with it.
Did I see your car on Craigslist? When I checked this AM, there were three west coast cars that came up on Craigslist, yours, mine, and the black one in Redmond WA. As of this afternoon, your ad is down. IMO, your car is/was the nicest one listed there. I felt the asking price on your car was a reasonable starting position.
I did take my ad down on craigslist. I took my car over to Jerry at PI Motorsports this morning and might end up listing it with him. He suggested that I take down the craigslist ad as it will only complicate things if I list with him.

In any case, Jerry did provide some insight on Pantera selling prices. He said prices are down compared to three months ago. It looks like the prices for our cars are somewhat volatile and it might make sense to simply hold onto the cars in the short term. I think you are on the right track in your ad by saying that you are sticking to the price. It just might take some time. From what I can tell, your car seems appropriately priced. It looks very nice and the engine looks very powerful.
Everyone has an opinion on the best strategy for selling. I'm amazed by some of them. I agree with Simon though. Price your car sensibly and interested parties will contact you. I've passed on quite a number of cars that I was very interested in because the very high asking prices put me off. The message very high prices send me is that the seller is opportunistic and inflexible. I don't like insulting people with a "low-ball" offer — even if it is a market realistic offer.

Your car looks like a nice one. Good luck with the sale.
I have always advocated exposure on eBay it is one of the cheapest methods to get your car exposed Worldwide. If it happens to sell then it's a $125 fee. This forum and Chuck's Provamo registry site are other equally good free avenues where potential buyers look.

As for value, despite what some hate to hear there is a softening in the collector car market, that may in part (at least in the US) be due to it being an election year with folks holding on to their money until things settle down. With that and going into winter I'd advocate holding if you can until spring.

Hagerty's valuation tool takes a valid cross section of all recent sales and shows a current $85,000 for an excellent #2 Pantera.

It's entirely up to you whether you use a broker, but IMO a good Pantera priced correctly sells itself and without the broker you can price more 'correctly' without having to take into account a 10% commission.

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Just wondering, seems like he had no problem selling his car, so why would anyone in this hot market want to give 10 grand away, by the way, I was, in another life a new car manager at the second largest Ford dealership in the San Fernando Valley ( second to Galpin). Just saying, but to the point it seems like Pantera owners suffer from " my cars not worth that much " syndrome, I wish their was a pill for that. i will explain what most don't know, A good deal , is when the buyer is happy and the seller is happy.

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