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I don't see how to can change the shift rod (I assume you mean the gear shift lever) without removing the shift box. I recently removed my shift box to clean it up and lubricate. You can see the snap ring that secures the lever. There is no reverse lockout, but there is the detent usually removed because it fights with the ZF detent. I marked the relationship of the u-joint to the shift rod before I pulled the box.

Hope this helps.


Shift Box2


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Dear Steve,

1)  You can disconnect the clamps and remove your shift rods without removing the shifter box.

2)  "Removing the reverse lock out in there" means the redundant Italian spring loaded plunger that tends to slow down the shifting and can get more problematic with time and inadequate lubrication???     If that is what you mean, then, again, the shifter box doesn need to come out.  Just remove the C-clip behind the shifter stick, remove the round metal cap beneath, which give access to the spring and the cylindrical cup under the spring.  Sometimes it comes out easily.  Sometimes not.  Once removed, you will see the grooved top of the shifter output shaft (correct term?) where plunger rode on it.  Replace the round cap and C-clip and you're done.......if that is what you are referring to.

              Warmest regards, Chuck Engles

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