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POST YOUR SHOCK & SPRING COMBINATIONS HERE. Lets start a list of who has what. Please include the following information to help those of us considering new shocks.

COMMENTS: (Include ride quality and how you use your car)

LBS.front: 400
LBS.rear: 600
COMMENTS: 2500 street driven miles/yr, 1-2 track events per year, very comfortable on the street, little or now body roll, minimal nose dive under hard braking, rear a little soft on track when charging hard through tight turns with noticeable body lean.
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MODEL #: 30-1301 (steel body, gas filled)
LBS.front: Hyperco, spring rate unknown
LBS.rear: Hyperco, spring rate unknown
COMMENTS: The shocks are equipped with optional spring adjusters, allows adjusting the ride height of the car.

I absolutely love the ride of Koni shocks, they are well dampened but never harsh.

cowboy from hell
BRAND: Aldan
MODEL#: AS755-400(F) & AS755-600(R)-Aluminum
LBS.front: Aldan- 400#
LBS.rear: Aldan- 600#
Comments: Double adjustable,all shocks set on softest settings. Replaced OEM shocks & springs & ended up after installation with lower control arms being parallel to ground instead of angled - no "bottoming out" noted so far. Comfortable ride on the street - maybe a bit harsher than OEM setup but hardly noticeable. Haven't made it to the local track since installation in Dec.'06 but hope to make it at least once this Fall for a good thrashing.
BRAND: Koni Aluminium body, gas filled, single adjustable. Adjustable spring seat.
MODEL #: 30,1620 SP8 front, 30,1626 SP8 rear.
LBS.front: 450 Hyperco
LBS.rear: 550 Hyperco

This set up saves a total of 36lbs in weight over OEM units. I am very happy with the shocks. The first thing I noticed was an improvement in braking, I used to lock the front wheels under hard braking, but now I can brake a lot harder before lock up. I suppose the gas shocks are responding quicker, and keeping the tyre in contact with the road.

I am not happy with the spring rates though. The rear is quite a bit softer than the OEM springs that came off. I am getting more body roll as a result. Fortunately the springs are the cheap bit. I intend to try a 600 or maybe a 650 on the rear after reading Garth's comments on body roll. Not sure about the front yet, I may leave that alone.

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