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5000 miles on my stroker Cleveland and there is a lifter tick.
Comp cams steel roller rockers and full roller hydraulic cam.
Instead of rotating the engine eight, or is it 16 times, I believe there is a shortcut where adjusting TDC on one cylinder’s valve will allow correct valve lash to be set on additional cylinders without needing to rotate the crankshaft.
Does anybody have that information or link to same?
UPDATED‼️ - finally found what I’m looking for, I think. Can anyone confirm this information is correct?

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Hi Larry,

I think the short cut you found is correct and it can save some time when adjusting hydraulic lifters.  I installed a permanent remote starter switch at the back of the engine bay on my Euro Pantera because I was having issues with lifters and it has helped me a lot.  Since I have the remote switch I still do it the old way.  If you still have a lifter tick after adjusting the valves you might want try this additive.  After adjusting my lifters numerous times I still had annoying sounds.  I put in two bottles of the additive below and the problem went away.  The result was instantaneous and it was $20 well spent.  I used two bottles because I have big oil pan.



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