Please let me know if you have one of these that is gathering dust.  Mine is cracked.  You can see the horizontal crack just below the brake light switch.  The switch was difficult to get out and the crack likely occurred when the switch was over tightened.  Thank you.



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Are you sure its a crack?? Is it leaking brake fluid? It doesnt looks as a crack to me.Its bras...looks to be a light scrats or dent.

The crack continues all the way around to the other side.  I'm not sure that it leaks but it likely will.  Brake systems have more than 1000 PSI pressure.

If you get no response, most of the parts vendors have take offs, as that part causes problems in many cars. Call around-

i have one from my 71. i believe it is steel though. havent seen it for years. my take a while to find.

Steve, I talked to my neighbor Larry Stock in Carson City, NV last week. He has several working valves on the shelf. 1-775-722-7755 cell

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