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Presently working on the car in the body shop and put the suspension on it to make it a roller.  The body height seems much too high, particularly in the front.  I know there is no drivetrain right now, so that will add some weight.  I think I have the wrong spring height in the car,  They are HRE springs from Aldan.  Can someone please suggest the correct length I should be looking for.




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I think it somewhat depends on shocks you have and the travel so they don't bottom out. But if you are as low as you can go on the ride height adjustment of the shock tower and thus likely have no pre-load tension on the spring you should go to a shorter spring, normally a 12" is standard, but you can go to a 10".

Perhaps this helps you:  My car is an early 71, flared with GP IV fiberglass flares from Hall.  Running on 15" rims with 345/35-15 rear tires.  Shocks are Alden with Gary Hall high-rate springs.  The rear spring length compressed on the car measures approximately 8.5".  My car sits 3.5" from the ground measured at the back chassis cross-member.  The rear lower A arms are nearly parallel to the ground.  The rear flare arch opening is approximately 25.75" from ground.  I adjusted the shocks to get e this ride height.  My springs are very stiff (forget the rates) but there is no way uncompressed they are 12" in length.  Alden should know the right sizes for the Pantera as they have been making shocks for the car since early days.  

I also happen to have an old set of Koni's with stock springs mounted on them.  The spring measures 11.0" mounted on the shock but not compressed on the car.  The spacers are not on the shock.  My car rode probably another 1.5" higher with the stock springs and non-adjustable Koni's.  The original race GP IVs used a much taller race tire.  The 345 has a much lower overall height.  The point being if you want the tire to be at or beneath the flare's edge, it takes either a tall tire or a very lowered car.

Choosing the correct spring/shock package for any car is an involved process. Best to buy a package from a vendor who knows Panteras and can discuss your specific needs. Call Scott at SACC.

If you just want to check what you have then set the car up so the rear lower control arms are parallel to the ground by making a rigid link to take the place of the shocks. Set in flat to a slight rake at the front and again use rigid link instead of the shocks. That will give you a starting point and a baseline to see how the wheel/tire combo fits the car. Actually ride height and wheel/tire combo choice should be done before flares are fitted.

Front this point check each corner to determine how much bump travel you have. Make sure you check lock to lock at the front. You will have to remove each rigid link to check. Droop will be controlled by the shock length.

To me the car in your photo look like it's sitting high.


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