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Originally posted by No Quarter:
Separate start button

Maybe not that unique, but wiring probably is, and that gives a unique advantage. Most have experienced hard hot starting because the performance based early ignition timing works against the starter. A solution is of course to have less ignition advance, but then you might lose power. So it’s better to build a solution like the dragracers do, they cut off the ignition when running the starter, and only turns on the ignition when the starter has the engine turning fast enough.

Similarly to that I’ve wired the starter button to the Accessory circuit (using a relay). So if I turn the key to Ignition and push the starter button, it will start as normal, but if I turn the key to Accessory and push the starter, the engine will turn (fast) and I then turn the key from Accessory to Ignition and the engine starts.

This allows me to have earlier initial timing, and therefore make more power, and still be able to start.

This peaked my interested and wondered if there could be some discussion. It "sounds" like a good ideal to let the motor windup before turning on the spark.

would using a low oil pressure switch for ignition cut on do the same?
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Jon has tested his unit with Duraspark, Mallory, and MSD distrubutors (page 4 of installation manual). All work fine. I'm using it with a FAST dual sync distributor with no problems. Cost is relative as to what you get and can control with this unit. Plus it will not fail like MSD units are prone to do.
Page 30 of installation manual
" 1974 to 1976 Ford Duraspark distributor with magnetic pickup.
Duraspark ORANGE connect to EIS (+) ORANGE wire. (Grommet B)
Duraspark VIOLET wire connect to EIS (-) VIOLET wire. (Grommet B)
Duraspark Black connect to EIS (GND) BLACK wire. (Grommet A)
MSD Distributor P/N: 8477, 8577, 8580 (Ford 351C-460 Pro-Billet Distributor)
MSD ORANGE wire connect to EIS(+) ORANGE wire. (Grommet B)
MSD VIOLET wire connect to EIS(-) VIOLET wire. (Grommet B)
Mallory Distributor, Ford, 351C/460, P/N: 3256711
Mallory ORANGE connect to EIS(+) ORANGE wire. (Grommet B)
Mallory VIOLET connect to EIS(-) VIOLET wire. (Grommet B)
Note, MSD extension cable P/N: 8860 wires are Violet (+) and Green (-) "
Originally posted by JFB #05177:
Taken current off the ignition switch by itself is on my list of mods.

Just curious about the dexterity (and coordination) need to hold the START PB, spin motor, flip key from ACC to RUN, then releasing START PB on firing.

Interesting, I got no hits with google about delayed IGN ON starting

Why re-invent the wheel? The P-E components will do everything you want.

You unlock the column with the key, leave it in run and IF you opt for the push button start, press the button.

There is very little electric load on that button. It is opted to with a simple jumper wire on the board and if you locate the board in an accessible location, you can always go back to the start by the ignition switch, it is easy to go back to by unplugging that wire.

Durability of the push button would be THAT button that YOU select.

Mine is here on the column. It is the red button on the right.

Only the uneducated are going to opt for MSD or anything else then the P-E. Racers commonly go through several MSD units a year.

If your's is a street car you do not want that lack of reliability. At least I don't.

Rebel against it as you choose for any reason that you want to, but in the end you are only shooting yourself in the foot.

A standard P-E engine controller is plenty, it is $295. It is what you want, with manufacturers support if you need it included.

The P-E IGNITION controller should really be considered mandatory for safety reasons. The original load on the ignition switch is big and in a 45 year old harness is dangerous. It makes a lousy foot warmer and you need fireproof shoes as well with it.

"You" talk about $3,000 worth of tires PLUS custom wheels, but won't go for $300 for the controller? I understand "show vs. go", but it is not a good psychological profile to project. Hum? I don't get that?

It's a funny thing about cost. If you like the product you won't remember about the stress over the cost that you had.

If you hate it, you will never forget what it cost...probably hate it forever?

I don't tell anyone what to do or what they should do. If you ask, I tell what I know. Someone asked. I answered.


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