Looking for a steel front trunk hood lid.
Please PM if you have or know of one available
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Looking for a steel front trunk hood lid.
Please PM if you have or know of one available

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The Pope, Not so many of these floating around that I can nail down a fair price. I know this, I saw one on E-bay in Orlando last yr for $400 and I am kicking myself for not buying it now.

Ehpantera, Thanks for the tip, I will give him a try
$400 would have been a bargain IMO, that's about what you'd pay for a fiberglass one. I've seen the steel typically around the $1,000 to $1,200 mark.

I just checked Wilkinson's website for their current price:

I bought a new "Factory" hood from Wilkinson in 2002 for about $2600 (as I remember) and that was a discounted price.

One thing to know about hoods, at least from my experience, is that the earlier cars (mine is #1549) have a slightly different curve to the fenders and a later hood (for the -L models but maybe earlier?) will bulge up about 1/4 (or more, I can't remember exactly but it is very noticeable) about a foot back from the nose. When I discovered that my original hood was pretty much rusted out in the nose area, I first tried one of Wilkinson's carbon fiber hoods and it didn't fit right (the bulge) so I got the steel one and it had the same problem. Im my rush to get ZONKEY finished I said, Oh well, and kept it thinking I'd fix it later.

I never did fix it as I was able to buy a used hood in good condition from an early car that fit perfectly. I still have the one I bought from Wilkinson. It is in excellent condition having been run for less than 15,000 mi and only in rain 3 or 4 times that I can remember. It is for sale. Make me an offer. Pictures and more details available on request.

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