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In the never ending quest to get 1424 registered over here the fix one problem find the next dance continues...

With the possibility of first inspection being imminent I thought it would be a good thing to get the wheels aligned so its as good as it could be for the roadworthy slalom test.

Turns out all the suspension bushes should be replaced (they are a little perished so all cool, it'll be better for it), Rack Boots and there's some play in the RHS steering rack end. Tie rods are all good.

Suggestion was to get a new steering rack end. Asked Joe in Sydney if he had one and he's suggested that perhaps its just a bush that needs to be replaced preferrably with a brass one there as the originals are prone to perishing breaking.

Took off the perished boot to find this... Tipping there should be a bush where that big hole is at the end of the steering rack..?


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Hey Larry thanks!

I did see that page referenced in the search I did prior to posting. I have had a proper read of it now and while I could do it I think at least this time around I'll leave it to a professional. Wondering if I need to do the bush a complete re-build of the steering rack might be the thing to do..
Hi Michael,
get the steering rack per inl above.

just did all this..learned 2 things to consider...(probably said befor..)
1) replace the PLASTIC ring inside by brase ring..well yes there are TWO diameters !! The original plastic is more inside with smaller outer diameter. Find a workshop to get you one done..less expensive..inner bore is clear by measure outer can be adjusted by some "filing" work on bras..
2) dissassembling the right and left "arms"
for replacing the Ring you need to take right side all off. MAKE a MARK on the big axial axis so you know here to put the "fixing" metall "shell " back in right place. This determines the pressure on the springs as befor in the "arms"
Hi Matt and Larry,

I've got Joe in Sydney looking at whether he's got a brass bush to replace the non existant plastic one - my "tyre and suspesion guy" here is on standby to do the work on it for me for this one as he's got all the tools there and he'll do all the suspension bushes while he's at it.

Hopefully the old rack can be used for now. I did see the thread on the Ferrari steering racks. Definitely a viable back up plan..


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