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Well, its only been 20+ years living with the steering "clunk"; long overdue for rebuilding/replacing the steering rack.  It now seems, and sounds like the clunk has gotten worse.

I understood there were vendors who would sell rebuilt racks, with core exchange, but searching on the internet I didn't find a seller.  Can anyone hook me up with where to buy? 

Also, at my age I don't think I want to attempt the removal/replacement myself.  Can an off-the-shelf local auto repair shop handle it?  Otherwise I'm sure my local POCA members could use my car as a fix-it night.

All suggestions welcome.

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I checked at home. Yes mine came from part # 80-70007 AN as I listed above. It was $110.91 back in March of 2016. I have had zero issues with it and to my knowledge it did not require any modification in my 74. My car was built Sept of 73. I am guessing I have put on about 8000 miles on it since then, but no racing or track time.

If yours is a real early car there might be some differences.

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Thank you so much for your information, time and effort. Yes the current
cost for this item is $207. I checked with Wilkinson and he wanted $700!!!

Anyway my car is #4229, very late 72, with small bumpers, but my Pink slip
says 73. I think they started putting the rubber bumpers on about 30 cars
after mine.

I will need to find a shop to do the installation....I'm not capable of
making the exchange. Was there any other parts you had to buy to make it

Tnanks again for all your input.


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For $700, Wilkinson is probably selling the late model replacement rack made by TRW Italia. I believe it was OEM in the GT5-S and perhaps even the Si. It looks quite a bit different than the original Pantera rack and has a quicker turning ratio. Wilkinson supplies them with the necessary adapter. If I'm not mistaken, this rack was also used in the Ferrari F40. 

Dennis, I had a shop do the replacement at the time, as I was also getting a ball joint replaced and wanted a full 4 wheel alignment completed. The shop was good with corresponding with me (and I am a pretty hands on and nosey owner, going in the back of the shop etc.)  to my knowledge nothing required a modification.

I should add that while getting the rack installed and a ball joint changed, with an alignment, I also had camber locks installed. The front end was in good shape then and everything was done at the same time.

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