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Thought I would share my latest project. Cherry Bomb Extreme mufflers and Hooker tips. Dynomax 2" mandrel bends cut to fit. I wanted to keep the original look of 1972 upswept tips but with a little bigger pipe and better flowing mufflers. Did you know that Ansa still makes these ? Hall has them for $ 900.00 + shipping. Ouch !!!

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Hello Mike,
I have the same setup installed. I added original ansa tips. I'm interested in your opinion of the sound. We fired the motor before tips where added and it was extremely loud. Didn't realize how much sound glasspack tips control. Mine has a real sweet midrange tone, but I find the sound a bit puffy and soft at low rpm. I'm now experimenting with dual Dynomax race bullets and ansa tips- my take on the old mind train setup.

regards...Mark #3461
Johneye---The tips are Hooker # 22202 Large bore 2 1/2" X 3"

Mark---Im anxious to hear them too. A local guy here dynoed his new 408 and it lost 50 horse with the stock mufflers. I ran my 393 CHI heads engine on a run stand before installation (open headers). Great throttle response. After install with the stock mufflers on I could immediately tell it was choked up. Didnt rev the same. Your vin # is near mine. Is yours originally grabber blue ?

I wish I could post a video/audio. I can only get dial-up at my house, so just posting pics here is a L-O-N-G process. I only ran it for @ 10 minutes in the garage yesterday to cure the paint some. Didnt have time to get it out. It was @ 30 degrees when I took those pics so I closed the garage back up to save my heat. Its loud but I think I can get by with it. Im thinking about making my own version of a Dynatech Vortex Cone to insert into the tips. Anyone ever use those ?

Mike #3482

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