I obtained this wheel some years ago for way too much money. It is not from a Pantera but from the original car that used that wheel, a Lancia.

I am using a Grant key lock removable wheel hub for my three spoke LeCarra wheel. I am in the process of mounting the two spoke to a second Grant hub so I can interchange the two wheels.

With due diligence on eBay I did manage to find the proper ghia steering wheel center emblem and have mounted it in a generic horn button kit.




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Originally posted by Rocky:
It says "Protipo"... Is that the model, or the manufacturer?

Prototipo is a model of Momo from the 1980's. Was standard on the GT 5 S. If you look behind it you'll find the build date engraved by Momo.

it is rare but by far the Ferrero above is the hen's teeth of the bunch so far.
Thanks David, I had no idea that it was re issued for the 50th anniversary of the company. I think leather is a natural selection for the Pantera, the wood steering wheels just don't sit well on it. I also saved a Momo Grand Prix that I took off my 67 Alfa, it's stamped 7- 1976. The Nardi is really nice.

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