I've been noticing Hall Pantera's lift kit. I'd love to be able to simply push a button and raise or lower my ride height about an inch. Their spec is 3" movement. I'm refering to G13-61. Page 40 it's pictured. Anybody have any knowledge about this product? Anybody else offer something similar? Can you push the button a little less long and not go the full 3"? I noticed Ferrari's got a button you push to elevate their Enzo for speed bumps. The picture doesn't look like they replace the shocks, so they must mount somewhere else. Where do they mount? Anybody know how easy it is to install them? Anyone know of any competing products I can shop before deciding what to use, what's best for my applications? I like choices, and I might get Hall's after doing research anyway. I was thinking of thumbing through a low rider magazine and if I saw an ad, then buy the magazine and look up more info to see what's available out there. Is there welding involved, etc? Maybe I should just go talk to one of these low rider guys sometime and see who does this in my town... But if any of you can give me some info, that would be easier. I'll be walking into a low rider shop more than likely, but I want to be armed with info, so if I get them do do the job, I get a deal. Question? Anybody? Lower center of gravity means better cornering, thus better handling. Lower isn't always practical, so I see this as an improvement that's desirable. I've also scraped speed bumps. Hasn't everybody? I researched this on this BB and didn't find any hits or results. But somebody has intel on this subject and I'd like to hear about it..., wouldn't everybody?
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I guess I'm talking to myself again, like with that thread on "Rides" doing a TV show about us. Anyway, here's some research I'm digging up. This is a company that makes air ride suspension that I found without going to the store to look at a magazine. You should look.


Just need to find a modern vehicle with coil over shocks stock from the factory, with a similar shock to Aldens, maybe there's an insert to go inside the spring. Bet I can check Alden's website to find which vehicles they market their shocks to, like recent years, to cross reference the two and get a match. I'll order the 2,000 pound version, my Pantera may have greater load factors under track conditions.

Here's what else I see. I see that those self leveling suspensions used for mainaining the level of the rear suspension for a pickup used while towing or carrying an off center load keeps the rear end of the vehicle level, and adjusts wile in motion. On my Pantera, I see the application used to keep my Pantera chassis level during cornering, street or track, since it maintains a minimal pressure. Better handling. Mercedez Benz has these safety devices in their vehicles from the factory. Self leveling suspensions. Wonder if they are avaiable front to rear leveling too. This would apply more spring pressure to the front during braking, to prevent the nose from pitching and losing steering geometry. Look:


I guess I'll keep researching this stuff. Seems like I'm on a roll. Does anyone want me to share this info and help with sharing info too? I know you're thinking hey, why doesn't he just figure it out and mark his cost up a little and make a profit selling a spec'd out kit to us. But that's what I'd like you to tell me, where can I get a kit that's already spec'd out. I'd happily pay someone else a reasonable profit for doing the work already.... Anyone interested or just me talking to myself, which sometimes it seems like I'm doing.

I'll be upgrading my suspension, and it looks like the pieces are old technology, or at least old enough to have very reasonable prices for the components cost. I can leave a low rider shop with the right stuff installed, and they'd have the expertise to do a great job. The result for me is a Pantera which performs just that more closely to a Ferrari Enzo or Modena, or Formula One car, for that matter. I'm thinking under a grand for parts and not too bad for installation either. Great update, handling. This encompases the concept of safety, which gives my Pantera an edge when an otherwise unavoidable accident is in the works. Lots of reasons to pursue this matter further, so I will. By Vegas 2006 look for me with adjustable suspension at the track and I'll show you a demonstration. On the track and off, and I bet it'll be a hit. Nothing outrageosu, just lift or lower about an inch or two, race setting and street setting. Then the unseen factor, the self leveling component. A truly upgraded Pantera, well, maybe not with 600 horsepower, but it'll be dual purpose. And it'll be affordable for those of us who have to plan and budget for these matters.... Like me. The Pantera will always be an upgradeable car, because we keep doing stuff like this. Not rocket science at all, just effort and a little thinking. Has anyone already done this thinking, so I can simply get a ready to bolt on kit, that raises the car all the way around and maybe has a self levelling feature? Anybody?
Since my driveway is on a steep hill, I too was thinking of getting Hall's front air system to keep me from bottoming out as I exit the driveway.

Unfortunately, Hall doesn't sell this item anymore. So I'm looking over your links carefully. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the response Kevin, sometimes it's too busy during the day to make calls to the vendors, or I don't think about it until it's too late. At least I know I won't be hurting Gary's feelings by shopping around and looking for a better option. Let's work on the project together. It's the future of handling and it's not unattainable at all. It increases the value and desirability of our breed! What make and model recent car is on the list for this vendor in the link provided, Honda, Mazda? One of these cars has to have coil over shock that are similar in size to the ones we have. The links are the same vendor, just different pages. I just don't have all the pieces of thepuzzle yet. The way I found the vendor in the link is a Google search: "Lowrider hydraulic lift air lift suspension kit" and these words in the search box was an exact hit on lots of places that have exactly what we're looking for. It only took the time between the first post and the second to get this far, so it should be a pretty easy project, especially if we work together. I'm not a mechanic, but I can contact a dozen to find the answers, but we should just do it together and share the info. I think so, too. Thanks.
Am I thinking about this right? Are those pictures in the vendor link above showing an air ride bag that fits over the shock chrome sleeve in the center of the shock, the shock's shaft? Anybody who has had an RV and looked at their air bag suspension may know the answer. Is that an airbag that goes under the coilover spring and over the shock shaft? If it is, then all that's required is disassemble the shock, which means I have to buy a coil over shock spring remover, if I do it myself, then take the top of the shock off, insert the air bag and reassemble. Then add the flexible air hoses to the compressor in the kit, and spec out the right kit for the features I described above. No welding or braces or fittings to install, no added stress points to figure out where to affix to the chassis to mount an external air lift bag to. Run a few hoses, a wire or two, and a switch or button and I get what I want. We get what we want. If we stick together on this.... Anybody else want to help out here? Share some info?
Hall's setup had small airbags mounted between the coilspring and the shock. Unfortunately Hall discontinued this setup. It had a tank and a compressor up front. Though I'm sure you could get by without the tank and use just a small compressor.

A 5lb compressor is all the 5,500lb Expedition uses to manage its air ride system. In the rear, the Expedition uses an air bag in the center of the coil spring and an externally mounted shock absorber.

For a similar setup to work on a Pantera, you'd need an airbag to slide in between the shock and the coil spring that's connected to a switch operated compressor. Not too complicated. And about all I need since I just want to raise the front of my car to get out of my steep driveway without scraping the front end.

When you start talking about load leveling on all four sides then it starts to get tricky.

I'll start looking for the airbag to mount on the shock, inside the spring. It looked to me like the road leveling kit offered promised a solution with the sensors and controller already designed and available. And not too complicated to install. Certainly no engineering design changes or adaptations required. I don't know how fast the response is, but it deserves a phone call to look into it. The load levelling feature looks like it's already been designed into the last product on the vendor's webpage. The price differential is about $150 between what you're looking for and what I'm looking for, so let's continue on. Thanks for the research you provided, Kevin. Good work, nice effort. We'll get it done. First step, spec out the proper airbags, then it's just decide what compressor setup and sensor package is best for either application. Thanks again, you're no slacker dude!
I just sent a Email to the company.
Does your company offer a controllable air ride system for a Detomaso Pantera made by ford, Front and rear suspension is coil over shocks, The GT5 version of the pantera has a front spoiler in which alot of time scrapes on driveways, dips, and curbs, could possibly sell a few to the Pantera Owners of America and Europe


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Thanks for the info P.S. I'll try and copy the info from the webpage on this post and see what happens. Usually the script copies, but I hope the schematic also goes thru to the BB. Well, the schematic didn't go thru, but you can easily find it now on this link I'll post again:

Features and Benefits Dual Gauge Load Controller I, P/N 25651 (shown in photo above):

Fully independent to allow for individual changes to help correct body roll and rock.

Individual controls allow for separate pressures in the left and right air springs, letting you level the vehicle side-to-side in the rear.

Corrections for as much as 3"-4" can be made from side-to-side in order to level the vehicle. This is particularly helpful when leveling your RV on a campsite.

Air adjustability right from the dash of your vehicle, up to 100 p.s.i. for maximum roll stability.

Improved handling and cornering on rough uneven roads, sharp curves, high and cross winds, and lane changes.

One year limited warranty. #25651 Load Controller I - Dual Gauge $269.90

SmartAir Automatic Leveling Systems

This automatic leveling system uses a position sensor along with an ECU to maintain a preset vehicle ride height.

The system is comprised of a magnetic height sensor/ECU, a bracket mounted magnet, solenoid valve, relay, air compressor, and an interconnecting wire harness. This system is combined with the previously installed air bags.

The height sensor / ECU is mounted to the vehicle frame and the magnet is mounted to the axle or leaf spring. When load is added to the vehicle, the magnet rises above the ECU centerline (as the suspension is compressed). If the magnet maintains this position for a minimum of 25 seconds, the ECU will turn on the compressor via the relay adding air to the air bags. Air is added until the magnet is re-centered, restoring the vehicle to its preset ride height.

When load is removed from the vehicle, the magnet falls below the ECU and energizes the solenoid valve. This allows the air to escape from the air bags until the magnet is re-centered and the reduction in load is accomodated.
An optional kneeling system can be purchased which includes a dash mounted rocker switch. This system works to manually exhaust air from the bags when a lower vehicle is needed while parked.

Part# 25415 Single System $289.90
Oops, it takes 25 seconds for the system to respond and make adjustments. This is not going to be "active suspension" that would take more like 25 milliseconds response time. Wonder what the Expedition uses and what kind of response time that has. Of course cost is important. A little more digging. The sensor response time needs to be recurved to get this unit to work.... But I'm sure I can get my ride height to be adjustable on all four shocks now. Maybe do the project in phases. Adjustable ride height, then continue searching for the solution to do instantaneous load levelling.... It's out there on MB, and Ford Expeditions, and soon Pantera's.
Thanks for the effort and info Kevin and Pantera Someday. If anyone figures out the right part number for the shock assembly or air bladder please post. I'm concerned with the width of the billet air shocks thatgo n Expeditions and Navigators and another concern with routing the air hose using air bladders in coil over shocks. This is a 'to do' project I plan on soon, well, this year anyway. Thanks again. Cool results so far... VFI
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