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I am planning the installation of the rear window into a Pushbutton car and need to confirm that the glass is the correct height.  The opening for the window measures 11" in height at the middle.  More precisely, the opening is 11" between the thin metal ridges that the weatherstrip fits over.

I seem to recall that the Pushbutton may use a different size piece of glass than the subsequent cars.

Does anyone have the rear window out of a car and can take this measurement?


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Weird that the factory made 4 versions of the Push-Button pre-series
i never heard of it

1-15 ?  2 piece front grille

til # 75 battery in engine room ,

up to #200, trunk opener in driver door post .

the last units has the trunk opener into the tailpanel ( pushbutton) like the later build Pantera's.

Also the later PB have a dash 2 ZF rear mount and 2 slot wheels .

Notice all the time differences , but a few early PB are also modified on restaurations to later build

Maybe I make a mistake , please correct me if I am wrong.


Unless someone knows of a better way, I will be making a template from luan plywood and taking it to a custom glass shop to have the window made since these windows are not stocked.  I borrowed Wilkinson's cardboard template for a tall window and it found it to be a poor fit on my car.  My hunch is that each one of the back window openings on the early cars is a little different.

I am trying to figure out how much of a gap between the glass and metal ridge is tolerable.  I know that a bigger gap makes the installation easier.  But if the gap is too large then the glass could wobble in the gasket or even come out.  

Any insight on this matter is appreciated.

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