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Haven't posted in a long time. Busy working on my Lotus projects but early last year I decided to spend some funds and have Pelegrini Performance Group assemble my 74 Pantera. I dropped the car and tons of parts off at PPGs shop and figured it would sit there for a while until they completed a Pantera project in front of mine. It sat in the inside storage area until recently. They moved it the the front shop area(2 Bays) one for the car and one for the parts.

Their mechanic J.B. called and said he's working on my car. I was ecstatic ...

Looks like it's going to bean expensive assembly process. I received my first invoice for 2 1/2 days labor ($2,500) to install the fuel tank, rear bumper and engine mounts :-0

I'm concerned the total restoration costs will be more than the car is worth ...

Oh well, you only live once. Might as well enjoy it.


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Oh yes, professional restoration shop experiences. Been there … done that.


if I did my math right and the shop has eight hour days that works out to a shop time expense of $125 per hour. Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad these days.

My 3+ year experience was at about half that hourly rate, and Yep, I now own a car that is worth much less than I spent  

But I don’t care😁😁😁

”…a fool and his money…”

hopefully the shop is close enough for you to regularly visit to check progress and offer suggestions. Whatever schedule they tell you will not be met unless you have something put in writing with a penalty clause. And even then….

Keep us updated and seek advice when needed.

Good luck


Either I didn't understand or it's a scam.
Install the tank: 1/2 hour + 1/2 hour piping, i.e. one hour in total
Rear bumper: 2 hours
engine mounts: 1 hour
Total 4 hours
I know I'm always optimistic so let's multiply by 2, that's 8 hours, rounding up to 10 hours is a day but certainly not two and a half days, I must have missed something.

I think what you are looking at is a shop rate of $70/hr based on the top line of Organizing parts. The remainder of the lines at $140/hr are 2 men working together to complete the tasks. 14.1 hours @ $140/hr = $1974. 4 hours at $70/hr = $280. $1974 + $ $280 = $2254, the top line of the tally at the bottom of the invoice, Labor/Jobs.

There was more work done than what you said, there was also the installation of the radiator, the vapor canister, the front bumper and the heat sheld.
I cannot judge the hourly rate which may be quite different from what is done in France, but the times still seem very "long" to me. 1.4 hours to two for the engine mounts! 2.5 hours for two for the tank!! 4 hours to two for the vapor canister!!!!

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