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710D5528-1D65-41A3-8D8D-A5D53112ABDCCleveland specific thermostats, with the hat, come in two styles: Standard and high flow. It is believed that originally our cars came with the high flow style. Both were readily available until recently when ROBERTSHAW discontinued the Cleveland specific version.

The standard flow version should still be available, perhaps with a bit of difficulty, from NAPA or other sources  

It was the discontinuation of the high flow version that motivated pantera owner Marlin Jack, a retired machinist, to fabricate the hats that were then attached to the high flow thermostats, which were still available in the standard non-hat version. Last I heard he has ceased manufacturing the hats.

To fill the void, Tim Meyer, a machinist that specializes in Clevelands and is now manufacturing iron and aluminum Cleveland Blocks, Is now selling high flow Cleveland version thermostats that are duplicates of what had previously been discontinued.



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  • 710D5528-1D65-41A3-8D8D-A5D53112ABDC
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...Find it at He has them in 160F, 180F, 195F. They have the Original Genuine Copper Skirt (hat) Installed, And at a Great Price! Yes, these Stats will match perfectly with the Original Factory Installed Brass Restrictor Plates, And My Reproduced Plates, sold on Ebay. Tims' (Hats) are reproduced EXACTLY as the Originals! He had purchased the Machinery to Again Produce the Genuine Hats.

Flowkooler Stats DO NOT have the Skirt! Nor do they have the 'Reach' into THEIR 'Smaller' Orifice Plate. MJ

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marlin jack: I do not want to start an argument, but the Flowcooler thermostat arrived with the "skirt" installed, it was exactly the correct dimension to match the orifice (I measured it), and I also tested the extension by heating the thermostat in a pot of water on a stove and the extension was correct. The gentleman can take his choice of the advice given here, but I wanted to set the record straight. I have no connection to Flowcooler other then being a  satisfied customer using a number of these units in 351 Cleveland's. Just my experience, noting more or less.

...I'am the Machinist who Purchased, Well Over (640) RS Thermostats FROM Flowkooler!! I shipped them Out, All Over This World, just as soon as (I) Machined the Copper 'Skirts', and Installed them onto all those Thermostats! My Modified RS Thermostats were shipped-Out in their Original Boxes with the Name 'Flowkooler', and the TEMP, Marked on top. You were confused, that flowkooler Created My Skirts. Now! you can Consider this 'Record' Straight!! "know your Song Well...Before You Start Singing!"

Tell Us all, Now, About Your Experience. And the Flowkooler Thermostats, Now come with a Skirt...Because I Stopped Producing Them!

And I Stopped Production of the 'Skirts' (My Name for Them), Only because Tim Started Up with the Original Thermostats and Genuine Hat. And at a far better price for the customer. I think it was great of him to Take-0ver the production, for the good of all future Cleveland Owners. He did Me a 'Courtesy', by Not Listing on Ebay. Besides, I have pretty Much 'Saturated the Market', and My 'Brass Restrictor Plates' will forever be the Best there Is, Unequalled for the end of Time.

Just remember, I stepped-Up, in a '2-Car Garage', Machine Shop, when No One was producing Any of These Parts, for Decades!...Because I had the Skills and Cared Enough to Do So.

Thank You

No Argument..."Just the Facts".

Long Live Clevelands Forever!

All the Best!


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