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Hi gang,

I may be only a couple of weeks away from my first Pantera purchase, and I'm considering the things that need to change in my garage to fit it in and keep it safe. The garage is a standard 2 car wide version and there is already one car and a motorcycle in there. It is a major traffic area with the wife and kids (uncoordinated, bumbling teens!)so I am looking for advice on keeping the cat from getting dinged. It will be under a nice cover that has some slight padding of course, but I thought maybe I'd use something like this dense foam to go between the cars and between the Pantera and the cabinets, etc. on the other side. It is firm enough to stand on its own (might make little feet to hold it though), but light enough to quickly pick up and put away. What do you think? What have you used?


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That's the exact same foam I used, but I just leaned it up against the cabinets on the driver's side of the Pantera so I didn't run the risk of banging the P-car door into the cabinets - my garage is narrow. And the only other car in the garage was my Mustang, which was on jack stands for the last 11 years, so no worries of door damage from that side - as a matter of fact I park the Pantera within 2" of the Mustang to gain more room on the driver's side so I can get out of it in the garage.
A fellow owner came-up with a slick version of a room divider, he made a 3 foot high steel studs wall with coroplast sheets on both sides, on the end he has large wooden triangles for feet. The wall is very light, yet offers good protection as it flexes and can take a good impact without ever making contact.
Thanks for the replies guys.

Unfortunately I do not have the head space to fit in a lift in the garage - certainly not the type where you can 'stack' two cars like I've seen others on this site have. Maybe a smaller lower lift like I have also seen on this site someday. Ceiling is 8' and the garage door probaly lowers that height to around 7'. I like the idea of a short, moveable knee wall structure like you mentioned Denis C., but I would make it much narrower than stud width if I did - 1" or so - I just don't have the room width-wise.

Garth, I'm glad you have tried the same stuff and liked it. It's cheap, light and I'm thinking of gluing 4 separate pieces into 2 'L' shaped pieces that just fit around the P-car and would be easy to remove, stack and store.

I've seen those pads that hang from the ceiling, but that wouldn't work for me.

I have a vintage American Eagle dime-slot pool table in the back of the garage that may need to go to create more space, but I hate to get rid of it - bummer.

Thanks for the help!
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