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Do you need a piece of official paperwork or just provide a date? For the latter you can work out the month of manufacture from your VIN, assume it was in transit and sat on a dealers lot for 3 months and pick a date.

The official paperwork is much harder, many states like CA have purged their system and no longer have older records at all. The best may be to get an 'expert' to provide an approximate date of first registration based on knowledge of the marque, close VIN numbers etc.

mwelter posted:

I don't know with what kind of idiots you have to work with. In Germany it is the law, if the first date of registration is not avaiable, they have to use the build year and as date the first of July unless the car is produced earlier or later in the build year. Not more, not less,

Yes, I know, and here is the problem with the registration office "if the first date of registration is not avaiable".

Well they say, "find it out it must be av".

Worked for me with 2 cars and now I want to register in another area and they refuse to.

In Germany, I live here for 47 years now, sorry guys, there is NO law, it is missuse of power by stupid people that have no lives. 

There is despotism by officers, you all know that. It is their satisfaction, their only satisfaction. 

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marcf posted:

Confirmed ... that's exactly what they did for my car....

Also into The Netherlands, and from what I know into whole Europe .

In my country  (The Netherlands) the classic cars are controlled by special goverment people who knows the rules and the isseus from Classic cars .

They also know,s that some US brand new parts are not good enough for the today's rules , but their craftsmanship and advice will help you to walk treu the rules .

When there are title isseus they do some investigation even into the USA.extra cost, only $210,-

They did this whit my 1982 ERA GT40 Spider.


Your best route is to get a Marti Report. Mine had the original dealers name and address, and the date of first sale.

That will give you the state in which to inquire. Registrations here are the jurisdiction of the individual states.Not the Federal Government.

On a car this old it's unlikely that there will be any record of the first registration. In 1973 only a few states were "title" states and just issued you a Registration along with the license plates.

There was not a uniform system of keeping the records from state to state. Even states like California with its huge quantity of vehicles basically dumped the records after a certain time. In some cases it's because they went to a more modern computer system but also there is not much reason to bear the cost of storing vehicle records that are 50 years old.



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