Don't know if this is of intrest to anyone but me.

the 1971 "Vanishing Point" will be on TCM Sunday at 0245.

Maybe the facts;

I was raised in a Mopar family

my HS job was threading projector and stricking arc for this for a couple weeks

I just hope the DVRecorder works tonight


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I watched this movie a couple years ago because I always wanted to see it...

Certainly not what I expected....


But it did have a naked girl riding around on a mini-bike...

And Scatman Carouthers (I think) played the psychic DJ.

(And some chase scenes)



I saw that movie when I was 18 and was very disappointed in the girl riding the motorcycle.

Barry Newman was the actor who played Kilwalski, the driver. He later had a TV program of the same title. Lasted about a year? The pistol grip shifter gathered a lot of attention. I think the car was a 440 six pack? Don't remember if it was a Dod-ge or a Ply mouth Banana cuda?

A few years ago he pulled up alongside me in Hastings and asked me about the license plate. I told him "my dog used to be a porno star". He "humphed" and kept staring at me but couldn't recognize me.



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