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Weber IDF manifold for 2V heads

That's the original topic, located in the Community News Forum.

I haven't contacted the australian gentleman in a long time, he seems to have dropped the ball. I've just sent him an email, lets see what he has to say. For future reference, the gentleman's name is Mark, his business' name is Aussie Speed, and the email is:

There are two intakes, both Australian, for the 2V heads. The Cain intake which is out of production, and the Red Line intake. The Cain intake is designed for IDF carbs. The Redline intake uses adapters which allows it to mate with IDA or IDF carbs, but the adapters result in the carbs sitting much higher with that intake. So if you want to keep it all under the engine screen, you would be better off with the Cain intake, which is the intake Aussie Speed is supposed to be bringing back to the market.

Kelly Coffeild makes an intake for SVO C302/Brodix BF301 heads and Weber IDA carbs. The remainder of the intakes floating around are for 4V heads & IDA carbs.



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Here's the reply from Mark of Aussie Speed:


Hi George great to hear from you...The manifold has not advanced a lot,I have been very busy with the other products I make,I am waiting on the tool maker I use to make the machining fixture to have them CNC machined...not long till xmas so it is a new year project...

regards, Mark
I wouldn't go so far as to write the manifold off. This is a small business man, trying to get started, focusing on the products that will make the most profit first (sell in large volume).

We just have to let him know how many manifold sales he has waiting, I would encourage everyone to write Mark and voice your preferences.

I have no idea if TWM throttle bodies will bolt on straight up, sans the adapters. However, to mate this manifold to a Clevor will dictate the use of the Price Motorsport Engineering (PME) adapter plate #AP-14.

PME adapter plates
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