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For my GP4 I used the same backspace as my GT5;

10x17 and 4.625" BS
13x18 and 4.75" BS

Two things worthy of note;
1. different wheel suppliers quote backspace differently, BS quoted above is to tire bead lip
2. More important than wheel dimensions is the flares, whether steel or fiberglass and supplier, as there are most certainly a number of variants offered. Fiberglass flare fitting is somewhat predetermined, but steel is very dependent on the fitting process as most need at least some metalwork. For a comparison I'd recommend dropping a plumb bob at the outer flare lip and measure the distance to the hub wheel mounting flange.

I have my rears in about 3/4". The fronts are about 1".
I would keep the fronts in at 1" because of the turning but the rears can be flush with the lip as they arch inwards as they travel upwards.
I kept mine in a little because I may go to a wider (345) tire if they become available.
PanteraPat, why were your wheels positioned so far in? Did you buy the car that way or did you order the wheels?
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