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sorry me again, it is at then end all the nitty gritty stuff.. to make it right without toooo many experiments..

I got new wiper posts well all was disassembled incl. motor and shift mechanism and overhauled, at least 15 month ago so loosing some detail.

Where does the shift mechanism/the 1 meter/1Y steel spiral moving the 2 wipers via the posts is being fixed to the wiper posts

.... on the Trunk side or on the window side see picture ?

The picture shows the shift mechanism on the TRUNK side..IS THIS CORRECT???

Tx.. do not say it is a stupied question, as setting up the mechanics in sometimes a challange ON THE CAT..(smile)



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Originally posted by forestg:
That should be correct. I would run them without arms and verify that they rotate clockwise, when looking from the front, to park before installing arms.

They don't run in a full circle just back and forth the predetermined sweep, so both clockwise and anti-clockwise. If you replaced the motor as well the internal gear carrier comes with different sweep degrees from about 90 to 130. The Pantera original is a 95 degree, but you can get away with 105 or 110 and get a bit more windshield coverage. Parking is actuated by a cam on the plastic motor gear, it has two available positions 180 degrees apart on the gear for left or right parking.

Stafford Vehicle Components in the UK has all parts (if you need a different sweep gear) and diagrams of the whole setup on their website.

Julian nice link TX!

Well I hope all works as I kept the original motor and push mechanics. The motor got new commutator "coal" and was working nicely on the bench. Push mechanics cleaned and new lubricating grease added (high end bicycle stuff).

To get the shift mechanism back in is a bit tricky as needs small hands..working on it.
I did buy 2 new wiper axis/posts from the SVC folks. Needed to cut the bushings on the top to the correct angle, as the old once where plastic and broken, using the lower old bushings as still good providing the original angle. The top once are metal now.
And sure I will test the setup WITHOUT the wiper arms as forstg suggested.! Smiler



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