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As the new caretaker for 02605, I'd like to know who the prior owners were. I have spoken with the 2 most recent owners (including Rob Borruso - 2014) but I'd like to go back farther into its history.

I have tried to get into the registry, but it seems as if the site is corrupted as I have applied for a login several times and the process falls apart each time.

Can anyone help me out on this car's history? I'd sure appreciate any info.



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Interesting. I just logged on with no problems. Registration and updates have been very slow for quite a while.  There are photos from 2015 and 2014 when it was offered for sale. The 2014 pictures look to be from a restoration. Part of that listing includes a name (David) and number, Looks like that is where your trail ends also.

Rob, the original Pantera Registry done in 1996-'97 shows your car to be one of many 'secret' Panteras in the U.S, with no information at all listed. Back in the '70s & 80s, that was the norm. Nowadays, people are more outgoing and see the real value of a registry. Having one has many benefits and probably contributes to the very low rate of successfully stolen/hijacked DeTomasos worldwide.

Keep trying- Chuck's registry is about the only game in town right now except for the similar ones for special Pantera builds. If you are of fragile patience, Chuck lives in Sunnyvale, CA and you could try stopping by. Your History listing here does not show your city or state so this likely will not be an option.

Thanks for checking. I'm in Michigan but I'm always up for a trip to CA!

I have spoken with the last 3 owners which takes me back to around 2006, for which this owner recalled he was the third owner, and he bought it from a gentlemen in Chicago who had it for around 10 years before that.

Sometimes it is best not to dig up a car's history, but I do like understanding the history and understanding what was done to the car (repairs, internal engine mods, etc).

I am still waiting for a confirmation email from the registry - took numerous attempts to get that far and I think it has now been several weeks waiting for the email.

Not a huge deal as I think I have reached the end of the history trail.

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