I am considering doing this. From what I can tell.

1. Different pilot bearing

2. Different bell housing

3. The tail mount of the -1 could be transferred to the -2 and the side mounts  removed?

4. Will the speedo cable stay the same?

5. Clutch disk, pressure plate, and throw out bearing the same?

What else?

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Regarding #3 above, many prefer the dual mount points provided by the type 2.  The vendors have a kit that converts type 1 to dual mount points.  It attaches to the sway bar mounts on the car and then attaches to the three bolt points on the transaxle.  The same kit may work when putting a type 2 transaxle into a type 1 car.

Regarding #4 above, the speedo cable is likely different.  The cable for the type 1 is harder to find than type 2, and most of the vendors have type 2.  It's not the transaxle that's different, it's the speedo adapter on the transaxle.  The type 1 came with a different adapter than the type 2.

Aside, my vendor says the type 1 is a stronger unit than the type2.  They ran the type 1 in some of the GT40 race cars.  On the downside, the type 1 be can difficult or expensive to get parts for.  I currently have cars with both types and I can't tell the difference when driving them. 

Thanks for the info. The -1 gearing is the reason I am considering it. Screaming at 3,500 RPM on the highway is getting more annoying as I get older, and I understand there is not a taller gear for the -1, not to mention watching the gas gauge fall rapidly. 

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