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Hi Team

I apologise posting this all over your forum, but i have a lot of time, effort and money invested in this, so i kind of do need to follow it through and make sure you are all aware that these tyres have now been produced by Pirelli.

285-50-15 P7 first delivery 1622

I beleive they were OE from 77 - 84, but i also beleive that lots of the earlier cars got fitted with 10" wheels as well, so would also want these tyres.

I beleive we pretyy much can cope with most of your other neeeds on here

Though we are currently out of the 285/40VR15 P7 they will be back again soon.

It would be great if people could post pictures of their cars fitting these new tyres that they are happy with us using in our advertising or on our web site. (we will fudge out your registration plate to make it a bit annonymous)


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  • 285-50-15 P7 first delivery 1622: 285-50-15 P7 first delivery. Date code:1622
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Dougal, the brochure for the P7’s back in the early 90’s had a rim width range of 8”-10” for the 285/50/15’s.  Before I purchased my 10” wheels, I had the 285’s that I bought in 1991 mounted on my 8” rims.  If the dimensions are exactly the same that would open up a bigger market for these tires.

Great job on getting these produced.

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