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There is some new hope for those of you as stubborn as me and wanting to run your Campi's. is listing a 295HR-50-15 made by Toyo with , get this a AA traction rating and a 420 wear rating. The H is a 130mph rating and while not a V, the tire costs $101.

There is a 225VR-50-15 for your fronts in the same series. It's $72 each.

I don't know what is holding me back besides this frikin typing. If I have another beer, I'll probably order a dozen of these suckers. How can you go wrong?
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Doug, there's also the Kumho Ecsta STX and the Hankook Ventus ST (which is actually V rated). Problem (or not) is that they're all actually light truck tires. They all list at within a few bucks of each other.

Let us know how you like them, but start with one set. Wink
Mark, the 225-50-15's are much less of a problem in speed rating. Pirelli has them in P zero and available from Tire Rack now.

I got all excited with the H for the rear and blew a flip-flop. There were only a couple of MFGs in the 295-50-15's to begin with. BFG being one of them and they are all S rated.

My P7's are dying from tread seperation at the corners like my BFG All-Terrain T/A's did with two sets on my truck.

Two sets? Yeah I'm stupid and actually used three sets. Only two sets split and threw chunks of tread.

BFG wouldn't cover them under waranty. Said it was my fault for living on the planet Zluto with a no oxygen atmosphere.

Screw them. I'll never use thier garbage tires again. What crap. I should mention them also as a 225ZR-50-15 in a Comp T/A to be as accurate as possible.

I'm surprized with the Pirellis though. They look like retreads with the new treads seperating from the carcass. Too bad. I liked those tires.

I refuse to use BFG T/A 295SR-50-15's on the Pantera. I'd rather hang fuzzy dice and put a bobble head in the rear window.
For the prices of the Coker tires, I'll buy new 17" wheels and real performance rubber such as the Michelin Pilot Sport tires.

I considered the V-rated Hankook Ventus 295-50-15 tires, but Hankook doesn't make anything comparable for the front of the Pantera. You would need to run a different mfgr tire on the front. No thanks!

I found the Toyo Proxes S/T and Proxes 4 on another website ( for $1 less per tire. But, my local Wheel Works store was willing to match the online price plus shipping ($55), so they got the business. And, mounting and balancing is included!

I'll let you know what I think of them once they're mounted. I wanted to refinish my Campys before mounting the new tires and discovered a crack in one of them last weekend while stripping the old paint. I expect to have another wheel next week, so maybe I'll get the tires mounted by next weekend.
I'd be interested Garth.
To add insult to injury the Michelins that Coker is selling aren't even the right sizes.

The fronts were 215-60-15 and the rears 295-40-15's.

I mentioned the Toyo's for the H rating for the rear which is a lot better then an s or a t.

The fronts are less of a problem to find a v but this makes it possible to match a set.

I didn't think there were any V rated 295-50-15's available.

Like I said. I think there is hope. Maybe the icejam is breaking up?
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