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3 years ago, I mistakenly sold my 72 after 25 years of ownership. Bought a bucket list car, a first Gen Viper. Very nice car but not a Pantera. Happy to say that I just bought another early 72. It has Coddington 17s shod with Pirelli P Zeros. 245/40/17 – 335/35/17. My first experience with 17s on a Pantera. What is the consensus on tire pressure for just normal street usage? Also, it has the Coddington center caps which I assume are bolted from the inside. Will the DeTomaso logo centers available from all of the venders that are held in by the circle clip work with these wheels? And if so, how are you retaining them?



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There are two different centers available for the Coddington Campi clones. One is the private label (Pantera East) version and the other is the Coddington version. The private label version has a 62mm center bore, stepped rims and uses the factory logo and retainer. The Coddington version may or may not need a 62mm centering ring to be hub-centric, uses flat rims and a Coddington center cap.

The Coddington center cap is just pressed on. The easiest way to get it off is to hit it from behind, with the wheel off the car. I do not believe the factory logos and retainers will work on these wheels but others here have come-up with ways to attach the factory logos. You'll just need to be a bit creative. Also, the Vendors may have a solution, so call around.

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