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Originally posted by Danno:
Comp2, my hats off to you. Looks like your car has had a resto once before.My car had the same look two yrs ago with the exception of the wiring harness.God that box of wiring makes my hair stand up.Seems like the car is in great hands.


Dan it had a mid 80's resto. It had a lot of work done to it. It's in pretty good shape actually!
GO Gary .... nice job ... I made my rotiserre and found it hard to attach in the front ... but it works well .. I was determined to put jacks on it so I could take it off the jack stands and get it up so I could rotate it.... only thing is I have not gotten to far with work, yard work but my garage is almost done .. insulated and sheetrocked for the winter ...radiant heat ... my project will pick up speed shortly ... Best of Luck.



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I would love to see a bigger photo of your front mount. I used 1-1/2" square tubing where the suspension was bolted:

I jacked my entire dolly up which worked real well for me. I put the dolly on jack stands at the needed height then built the frame work:

Since mine is not adjustable I will have to re-weld cut and re-weld to change the pivot point. Your pivot point looks lower then mine. Where is it and how do you like the pivot point you have?

Ron what do you think the car weighs stripped down? I could lift both ends and I doubt I could dead lift over 400lbs so I was guessing about 350-400.

I don't have photos but it is all tack welded. I just need to take the mounts off and weld them up. I'll be out of town this weekend so I am not sure when it will happen.

The wieght ..well I lifted it about 6" off the jack stands ... I'm not the HULK but my interior is still inside ... I'd have to say your guess is close it would be nice to get a hold of one of the old meat scales and attach it to the engine crane ???? HUMMMMM!!

I will take a close up of the front mount.

Mine rotates ok but needs to be guided as it wants to go over on the roof but it also wants to go right side up.... it fells like it doesnt want to be on its side.

Too high or low? I went stright thru the grill opening and there wasnt really anything to attach except the lower control arm holes then I need a second piont I drilled a hole in the cross member below the raditator and used a pice of threaded rod ??? it works fine but at some piont it has to comeout and the hole fixed.

The car is actually in pretty good shape. The weakest part is the front. The car apears to have been on a rotisory before. I know it had a major going through around 1985 but I know not by who. As I turned the car on it's side some sand type medea fell out so I suspect it has been through the blasters before. The only part untouched was the front. It seems as if what ever they did they never touched the radiator or the area around it. The front trunk has deffinantly had a brake fluid leak at some time.

If you look at some of under belly shots look how good of a job they did welding on the fender flairs.

Originally posted by Mark Mensen:
I think you started with the wrong car this one is looking too easy.

I hope #1280 looks that good when its taken apart.

You know I can look at the under structure for hours. I think of things I can do to make a few things bettter but I can also see how a group of poeple who were building race cars in the late 60's made a production car. I can envision the jigs and the parts being made.

WHY ISN'T SOME ONE RE-PRODUCING THESE HERE NOW! We can certainly do what they did back then and we could do it better! There is nothing hard in the under structure of this car!
Comp2, everytime you post more pictures, I become more jealous! I wish that I had the time to do some of the things that you are doing. I love seeing the Pantera on the rotisserie. My biggest problem right now is time and space. I plan to add on to my garage which will give me the space. But time that is the tough one!
I put the car on it's side and measured the weight required to hold it there. After a few calculations I came up with the pivot point and adjusted my rotator. This is very close to the center (asuming the wight of my brackets). The car stays where ever I put it now:

Car is completely stripped and ready to go to media blasters.....When I find one!
Wow beautiful job it's really coming along well.I always check this post to see your progress since I want to do the exact same thing.I noticed that the car has steel fender flares could you send or post some pixs of them and how they were installed?It looks like soneone did a quality job on them.I guess that garage full of resto equipment will come in handy now Congrats Sam
Hi Gary
No I do not have fender flares yet,but I am going to go with steel for sure.Are you going to weld the flares fully ? I suppose you will be .Very nice patch by the way .Nice to see a flush butt jointed weld show's that the car will be restored correctly. Keep the pixs coming I'm sure I'm not the only one who's interested Sam

Sam yes I am going to stitch weld the entire seem flush. I am cutting about 8" at a time with the dremmel and relieving the fender till flush. It looks like it is going to work well. With the overlap there was a lot of filler to make it smooth. The guys that had it before me even filled the seems under the car and in the fender well. I wouldn't be surprised if I shed 50lbs just from filler.

I guess guys in a body shop can't make any money if they spend that kind of time on the body work but it would scare me buying a steel flair car knowing how much filler they actually used to make it all flow. They slapped metal patch panels all over the place and just sculpted the car out of filler. ALL that will be fixed!
The guys that had it before me even filled the seems under the car and in the fender well. I wouldn't be surprised if I shed 50lbs just from filler.

Dennis Quella recommends welding those seams to strengthen the body.

They slapped metal patch panels all over the place and just sculpted the car out of filler.

Just like Coddington and the hot rod guys do.
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