Are you ready to be the custodian of a piece of history? Since Carroll has passed our Shelby's have gone up in value 7-10%. Are you ready to buy one now, or will you be disappointed when they are out of your reach?

Up for auction from The Mustang Ranch in Golden, Colorado. This Shelby #67211F7A01279 (ONLY ONE OF 82 WITH FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING!) Additional special feachers are in board lights, steel inner hood and rear brake coolers.This car has been with the same owner since 1992. There is a fair amount of information in the Shelby Registry about this GT 350 and a list of the previous owners.

At one point it time the car has lost its numbers matching engine, however it has been replaced with a rebuilt 1968 Shelby GT 350 J code motor, it does retain the 67 manifold and valve covers. The vin number is stamped on the back of the block # 8 T_ _ _ _ _ _. The car does retain an "A" servo C-4 automatic transmission. Back in June of this year the car passed the state saftey inspection.

Upon review of the car I have found a number of replaces items. It is unknown when the engine and transmission have been rebuilt but they are both in great operating condition, no leaks, noises or smoke. All of the bolt on accessories have been replaced as well as the belts, hoses, radiator, ac hoses, power steering- pump- hoses, ac heat exchanger and more. The exhaust system has headers with 2 1/2 pipe all the way through the turbo flow master mufflers out the back, (sounds great).

The front suspension shows all of the steering componats have been replaced at one point or another and are in tight condition. Front disc brakes have been fitted with new rotors, pads, brake lines, master/ booster and rebuilt brake calipers. Rear brakes have been fitted with new shoes, wheel cylinders, hardware and resurfaced drums. The rear end axle bearings appear to be tight, drive shaft u joints replaced and there is normal back lash on the 9 inch rear end.

Everything electrical works on the car, ( remember it just passed state inspection) The interior has had the seats re upholstered, carpet replacement, door panels and other items replaced.

Original Lime gold from the factory, years ago it was repainted red. It is a 20 footer. There are occasional chips, scratches and a couple of dings but no rust bubbiling, (driver quality car). Drivers / passengers long floor pans, seat perches, passengers floor pan rail, lower rear quarter skirts, passengers side rear trunk drop off have been replaced. All of the engine bay sheet metal is original to the car and retain the Ford/ Shelby stamped vin numbers, ( Shelby tag replacement).

More than anything this GT 350 needs a good cleaning and detailing and is a great driver quality Shelby that you can drive any where, enjoy and not to worry about. The previous title listed 42,000 actual miles, now it showes 54,000.

Things that the car does need are front shocks (upper rubber bushings hanging out), gas gauge does not work, missing retractable shoulder harnesses, gauge pod missing and shifter bushings a little lose.

Is this the car you might be looking for? Please check out all of the pictures and the Youtube clip. Call me if you have any questions, there is no guarantee or warranty on this Shelby. You are more than welcome to come out or hire an inspector to look at the car. I also deal with a transport broker and can get you a wholesale price on shipping.

$73,500 obo Best regards, Rich 303-931-5412

Check out this Youtube Clip!
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