After a rollicking 21 years with my Goose, the wife and I are parting company with our 4 headlite 1969 version. I have thought of this for some time, deciding to pursue finding a Pantera to use to beat down the roads here in CA! My "museum" won't allow me to accept any more something must go....and the wife's Mazda isn't it...!

Many of you have followed some of our adventures with this car as we traveled to events in Vegas, LA, Phoenix, and a host of events here in the SF Bay area over the years. There have been some interesting trips! All in all, once teething issues were sorted, and issues from prior owners corrected, the car has performed in magnificent fashion....looking good always!

I will have the car at Monterey for people to view in person. For anyone that will not be in Monterey, please contact me via the private messaging option for information. A list of your questions will be helpful.

I'm not going to rattle on here about the car, but I could...easily, as it is a fun car to talk about with someone! It is a survivor, it's not perfect, but as one POCA member put it "the car has loads of patina"! It has been a blast to drive and enjoy, and has been a huge learning tool, I believe, for the entire gaggle of Goose owners here and elsewhere!

I've learned an awful lot from ownership of this car, but I want to be able to learn more about something else also.

Ciao! See you in Monterey!


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That is a copy of an Ansa system out of stainless, and is unpainted.

You could try and buy steel Ansa mufflers....and watch them rot off the car yet again......or these...... I chose not to paint them black, as once you hit a dusty puddle....they turn not black.....and will never look nice again! These always look pretty much the same....except for when I haven't driven the car for a while...then they look sad! Tomorrow they will be happy again!

These were sourced from Dana at Mangusta International, who had someone make them up for him. Beautiful job!!!!

The Car is SOLD! Going to Europe Frowner But, going to new owner to enjoy Smiler

Was an interesting journey to deliver car to shipper.....sort of sad....sort of glad.....sort of quiet.....and surreal once we got there and actually had to unload it and turn the keys over to someone else!!!! There have only been about 3 sets of hands to ever turn the key and drive this car under my ownership! Ok, 4. Wow!

My apologies to anyone I missed before it sold. The buyer came to Monterey for the Italian week....saw it out at the track, checked it out, and we made a deal.

Wife is sad...needs a go fast bugging me to get the Pantera working now......

Thanks to all who responded.

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