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The car shows very nice. Some of the things I noticed...
Aftermarket brakes
Mich. tires / campy clones
Detailed engine comparment/ polished trans
Interior very clean / orignal carpet?
Lay down Rad. / suckers
Can't tell what the underside looks like (rust), it's completely under coated.
New poly bushings / Steering rack
Paint is nice / min. wavy metal
The car lot owner, Josh says the car "drives really good". It looks like the guy that owned it did not spare much expense....IMHO, maybe $35K to $40K.....
I haven't seen the car personally but a friend has looked at it and I've spoken with the dealer.

In my opinion, provided the undercarriage is as clean and rust-free as what you can see from above, this car is worth $45K to $47,500 all day long and probably $50K to someone converting Euros.

Matt Merritt
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