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I've decided to sell my 1971 Pantera #2127 after 6+ years of ownership.

Pre-L vehicle but L front bumper was added by previous owner at some point.

This is a driver level, unrestored car with ~55,000 miles.  The general overall condition is what you would expect from a 50 year old unrestored car.  Original space saver spare and luggage insert are included (do not have the tool roll).

Vehicle had been parked for 6 years and was non-running when I purchased in March of 2015.  Work done to get her back on the road includes:

Engine refresh:  Rings and bearings, upgraded to closed-chamber 4V cylinder heads (rebuilt with bronze valve guides, stainless steel valves, new springs, seals, etc), new cam shaft, lifters, oil pump, timing chain, water pump

Distributor:  dual points removed, updated to Pertronix

Steering gear rebuilt with bronze bushing

Wilwood calipers with braided lines and original rotors at all four corners

Other repairs:  All coolant hoses/belts replaced, throttle cable replaced, Holley intake and 750 cfm vacuum secondary carb.  Clutch master replaced.  Modern aluminum radiator with updated cooling fans running off of relays (previous owner).

Parts Removed:  I kept all of the original parts that I removed/replaced (cylinder heads, intake, carb, points, clutch master, brake calipers, etc.) and will be provided to the new owner.

Wheels:  Original 15" campy wheels (refurbished by previous owner) with BF Goodrich T/A tires.  Front tires rub the fenders near full lock - tires are too big and I've just never replaced them (was always planning to update to 17" Campy clones and never did).

Paint:  Car has been repainted at some point in it's life but I have no idea when.  On a scale of 1-10 the paint is probably about a 4.  It is there and at 50 feet, it looks decent enough, but up close all of the many flaws are apparent (lifting in a couple of areas, cracks, scratches, etc).  As a driver vehicle, I prefer it like this as I don't worry about it getting scratched at Cars n Coffee, but certainly nowhere near show quality.  If that is your thing, a repaint would be in order for sure.

Interior:  All original.  Seats are in remarkably good condition with no tears or cracks.  Carpet is aged.  Dash is also in decent condition.  Headliner is good.  In general, I would say it is good condition for a non-restored car.

Body:  No rust that I've ever found (I've been all over this vehicle).  It does look like some previous minor rust repairs but no evidence of any recurrence.  It was an original CA car and It has been garaged for the last 6 years while in TN.  Minor dents but no serious damage. 

Other:  AC does not work.  Radio present but also does not work.  Seat slides are frozen in rear most position (I'm 6'6" so I've never need to move them).  Shifter knob is not pretty.

Asking $65,000.  vehicle is located near Nashville, TN.  I will add more pictures of interior later.  Call 615-773-9888 and ask for Jamey


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