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Hello Bill, can you provide me with some info on your vehicle. Thanks in advance.

The information on my car is listed on the board, its the 1971 Pantera, you'll recognize the photo. I'll send more photos if you are interested. Let me know.

Bill Borrello
Tried to find your pics on the board but were not able to find them.
Please send me a few pics of the car and include
the underside if you can along with a way to make
contact over the phone. you can send to
no tire kickers here.

The car is rust free and is very dependable with 62,940K miles on the clock. It is an original yellow car, although not original Pantera Yellow. Equipped with the GTS deck lid spoiler, SSTL water bottles with billet aluminum caps, 600CFM Holley, Aluminum Intake, Mallory Unilight distributor, stock Campanola wheels with 235/50R15 front and 295/50R15 in the rear. Updated Momo GT5S steering wheel, brass bushing in the steering rack, and drivers door for the window. Updated Sanyo AC compressor (needs to be recharged), updated larger radiator fans, (Car does not over heat), Updated GT5S retractable seat belts, Kenwood stereo cassette radio and many more updates. This car can be driven anywhere, I know I've driven it to the Las Vegas POCA Rally twice with no problems at all. The car is tuned to run on medium grade gas and does not ping. I've gotten 17 - 18 MPG on the hwy consistently. As you can see by the photos, both the front trunk and rear luggage boot are carpeted and excellent condition. The front lower valence is in excellent condition with not dents or rust. The car is a rust free car.
I'm asking $32,000 and the car is located in Houston, TX
I have a number of spares that go with the car, including the complete service manual with the ZF, and Ford Parts manual, I have the original radiator fans, two original steering wheels, less the centers, an extra inflatable spare, air cleaner, a power coated AC condenser cover, SSTL Braided brake lines, new windshield rubber gasket, two new fiberglass door panel shells, just to name a few items.

The photos will follow off this list.

Bill Borrello

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email was down if you tried to send pics. If so please try again.
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