Check it out on ebay #280560119548 then call me. Rich 303-931-5412. $26,500
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OK, I'm not saying the car isn't a fair deal at $26,500, but I guess "unmolested" means different things to different people. Why not just state "slightly updated Pantera with some rust issues" and be straight about it.

To me saying "unmolested" implies the car is largely original and not altered. But in this case:
the seats are not original, the wheels are not original, the door panels have speakers (not original), the tail light lenses are not original, the rear louvers are not original, the black trim everywhere is not original, the paint and graphics are not original and don't even get me started about what isn't original (and has been quickly repainted) in the engine bay.

It doesn't look like a bad car, and the price seems fair on the surface, but when it's described as "unmolested" and clearly is rather molested, it makes one wonder what else is being mislead. Just my $.02.

Hey Mark. Why don't you just express yourself?!?!

Hi Rockstar, I know Mark, and know him to be a kind advisor. So that critique is not meant to be harsh, only helpful. Others may 'think' what he just wrote, but never tell you.

Words have 'somewhat' consistent definitions in the car-describing world, and 'unmolested' certainly does NOT include the items named above. Or bumpers, carb, intake, on and on.

So before anyone even contacts or bids, they've derided the inconsistency, likely choosing to move on soon thereafter. Best wishes on the car.
I don't see anything wrong with the discription. Infact, if I did not already have 2, I'd be bidding on this one.
I can see where someone might think "unmolested" should be a straight bone stock car, fair enough.
"unmolested" can clearly mean different things to different people. The car appears to be somewhat straight, not rusted out, not involved in any major accidents clearly as pointed out, not orignal but I would not call the car "molested", As stated, the price reflects a pretty good value from what can be seen from the ad
Sometimes it is what they don't say. I paid about this for my car...then spent 20 g getting it like it is. I did not hear him say anything about the ZF. The fellow who sold me my car forgot to tell me about the 5000$ grind going into third. If the ZF is ok... looks like a deal to me too.
When I think 'unmolested', the first thing I think about is the wiring. If pigtails have been cut off (radio), or if wiring has been spliced into, then that to me is molested. Car alarm? Molested. Remote start? Molested, etc. Unmolested wiring is an absolute must for me. When I was looking for my 35th Anniversary Super Coupe, untouched wiring was my primary concern. Butchered wiring can be a total nightmare!

Next is the unibody/body. Cut holes for a cold air intake? Molested. Hack up doors for speakers? Molested. Modify sheetmetal for vents, etc. Mol... you get the idea.

Altering something that can be easily changed back, like seats or engine mods, or paint is not molestation to me.

If, of course, pure originality is what you seek, then any change from factory original can be viewed as molestation.

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