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Good evening,

I have a database question.  I was able to obtain a Marti report for my De Tomaso Pantera, car #03148.  However, no response from ProvaMo.  I know the car was originally sold in Salt Lake City, UT (Marti report).  The previous owner also lived in the same location.  Unfortunately, I was not able to speak with the previous owner.  I purchased from the family after his passing.  Can anyone look up the car in the ProvaMo registry?  I would like to know more about its history.




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the Provamo registry is a one-man operation and sadly he has been absent from effective management for many months now. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

in the one photo you shared the car is wearing the original Ariva tires. These are fine for photo opportunities and for the occasional car show, but be aware they are far too old for anything but driving onto and off of a car trailer.

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Thank you all for the quick response.  Yes, tires are old, believe they are from ‘75 (past owners notebook).  While they still hold air I intend to replace soon.  From the documentation I have, it has not driven much since mid ‘80s and permanently parked in the ‘90s to its current state.  Thank you for the pictures, they are from the dealer I purchased from.  I have changed the engine and transaxle oil (Brad Penn).  Runs and drives well but appears to be all original minus a repaint in ’75 (mechanical and electrical all appear to work).  Still has original cooling, ignition, and even the stock carburetor installed.  I appreciate the info and look forward to many more visits on this forum.  Happy Holidays!


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