That doesn't look like a "good Pantera."

I have a "good Pantera" - hell, I have a great Pantera, however . . . . . at any rate it appears in the photo a little better than my car might.

The value of a collector vehicle is what the market will bear on that particular day.

49k? In my dreams. I do know that 49 might not pry my "filthy" driver from my hands.

Congratulations to both parties (send those nasty old wheels to my attention, Box 2161, Durango, CO 81301.
Hey. Where did the louvers go in the hood?? Mine has little cut outs right behind the radiator and this one don't. He also doesn't have any winshield wipers. Hmmmm. I wonder how much having winshield wipers adds to the value of a car???
Those Hibachi hood grills came much later, and in my opinion didn't need to come at all ;-)

A lot of owners have added them in hopes of increasing air flow from the radiator, but if your cooling system is done right, you do not need them. Period.

And the sold car has wipers - the shafts are poking out of the grills. For the few times you might get caught in the rain, like last year at Vegas driving out to Pahrump through 50 miles of rain, 80 mph and a good coating of RainX do just as well as obnoxious wipers. Just don't try to tell that to the CHP.

Now see there. That is why I come here cause I learn something new everyday. I used to think all Panteras came with that decal on the side that said PANTERA. But none of them did they were put on by the dealers. I thought all Panteras came with the hibatchi, but some did and some didn't. I thought all Panteras had a clock like mine, but I found out, Only mine has that clock. Makes you wonder if Panteras are not like snow flakes don't it???
A good Pantera may be worth $35,000. I believe that car is worth every penny of the sale amount, perhaps more. A no-stories car in absolutely superior condition that was owned and maintained by a great gentleman. The hood is correct, not something modified or added later in life. The wiper arms were removed and provide for a much cleaner look. The arms are in the trunk for reinstallation, but who drives these cars in the rain? All the mechanicals and drivetrain are fresh. With the door open and the key in the ignition, how many early Panteras have a warning buzzer that works, or all the courtesy lights that work and every gauge and light that work? The paint, body and chrome are incredible. Interior looks like new. Truely, a beautiful, unmolested car. The car actually looks MUCH better in person than in the pics, if that's possible. About the only thing I can think of that it might need is a set of 16/17 polished Campi's, and a set of 245/335 Dunlops...LOL
Originally posted by BD:

I almost forgot, it even has the original LTD style outside review mirror!

From what I understand, those mirrors were installed at Lincoln Mercury dealers after the car was delivered to the states. They're basic Mustang mirrors from the 70s and easily available. They're pretty useless as mirrors which is why many folks toss them. . .
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