Sold at the full asking price of $65,000.00 is the below 1972 DeTomaso Pantera:


Complete four piston Wilwood high performance brake system w/vented front rotors

Custom dual-reservoir master cylinder

Braided stainless lines

Wheel tires

Pantera East custom Campy clone rims

Billet aluminum wheels

16 x 8 & 17 x 11

Mounted with Michelin Pilot Sport 335/35R17 and 245/45R16 tires


Rubber bushings, powder coated suspension

PI Motorsports 12-way adjustable billet aluminum coil over shocks

Racing sway bars; brackets & bushings

Rebuilt upper ball joints, steering rack & A-arms

Spherical bushings for sway bars w/ 7/8” rear bar

Sway bars pro-coated

PI Motorsports sway bar caps and DeTomaso plate

Frame rigidity kit 4-piece Pantera Performance

Pantera Performance polished aluminum lay-down radiator with dual sucker fans, SS lines & Green bar hoses w, SS tanks. Runs very cool

New Optima Battery w/ quick disconnect

Custom Stainless headers with big bore mufflers w/ SS Polished exhaust tips

10 QT racing oil pan

KN Air Filter w/ Hall aluminum Pantera cover

Barry Grant 750 cfm carb.

Polished Ford racing valve cover & racing manifold

SS Half shaft cover

New throttle cable

Momo steering wheel

Billet shift knob

New black head liner

New window switches & brass gears,

Custom PI Motorsports floor mats

Exterior mostly original Grabber blue paint looks excellent at 10 ft up close on front has small rock chips

Fender rolled for tire clearance

Group four tail lights

Functional mini front air dam/spoiler

Sound system

Hall – Kenwood stereo AM/FM CD w/ radio detexe look w/amp under front hood; speakers in door and overhead;

Electronic remote door locks; New black carpet from PI Motorsports;

New leather seats from PI Motorsports

4 point roll bar with new 4 point harnesses

Reduction bulkhead w/ removable cover; for roll bar (so you do not have to remove roll bar to get to engine)

Polished ZF safety wired & resealed

This year: new clutch assembly new SS Slave cylinders

Aluminum flywheel

SS fire wall & Fuel tank covers

Rebuilt fuel tank w/ hall filler neck & new fuel lines; new super dampner; MSD Ignition

High torque starter

Spicer half shafts

New super solid rear axles

Air conditioner reinstalled new compressor and condenser in wheel well, new dryer, etc.; New cat whisker both doors

Rear trunk re-carpeted w DeTomaso logo

2 – Mooneyes SS & Billet aluminum fire extinguisher Halon


Just completely rebuilt, Bearings, rings, gaskets, complete head work including valve job, guides, new push rods, new roller rockers, new lifters etc. 125 miles for break-in only.

377 stroker 4-bolt main, balanced, eagle chrome moly H-rods w/Ross Custom forged racing pistons. New timing chain & gears, oil pump, water pump, thermostat.

Everything is Fresh! All machine work was done no short cuts.

Comment: The seller recommends to other owners who are selling their cars to stick to your price. If you have a good car and have invested a lot in it, don't listen to those so called experts who proclaim these cars as only being worth $35K. Quit giving your cars away. This car was way above average and both the buyer and seller were pleased with the transaction. PI Motorsports was not involved in the sale and this was not another "ridiculous" priced PI Motorsports sale. This was private party to private party, although it was advertised on the Pantera International cars for sale page.


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This car was nicer than most. The buyer bought a great car that would be hard to duplicate at that price.
Where the hell are these so called experts getting their information?? What are you going to buy comparable to a Pantera?? New Ford GT?? Ferrari 430?? Guilardo?? OK, fine, but you also have to be able to afford tune ups too, and forget about customizing your car. WSo the experts are saying a Pantera is only worth as much as a new Ford 500??? Yeah right, I know which one I will chose.
In 1979 I sold a beautiful 69 Z28 Camaro for $4900., now its worth somewhere around $55k. I then bought and restored a 69 Indy Pace car Camaro. I sold it after my first daughter was born for $6500, in 1983. It now is worth around $45k. This story goes on and on with many of you, cars we have owned, now are worth a fortune. I look at it in this way too, whats out there for 35, 45, 50k+? A new Cad Escalade? Give me a break, it will be worth $2500, in 12 years, yours and my Pantera will be worth how much 10 years from now? I could have bought a new truck, but instead I got a Pantera. So I can only afford a junker to drive to work. I know at home, a Pantera is waiting for the weekend! An investment, a very fun car to drive, going up in value everyday. Everyone who sees the Pantera, people who don't know its value, think the car is worth a lot of money....and there gut feeling is right. It is expensive! When the time comes to sell my Pantera, I will not sell it for what some guy feels its worth, but for what I feel its worth. As I said to the buyers of my Camaros way back then, the value will always go up. Boy was I right! The Pantera is WAY more desireable than my old Camaros. The Panteras looks, performance, limited production, ease of repair all make it a highly desireable car.
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