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To be honest, I  do not know alot about these Pantera's, I'm more knowledgeable on corvettes,  I ended up with this car through another business deal, It seems to be extremely rust free, from what I can tell, I've had it not quite a year, got it running and driving, but to be honest I just dont fit in it very well,  and perfer the corvettes.

It does have the correct power train, I have lots of  photos , and a short video of it running.

I'm asking for as close to 70k as possible. 

Thanks Mark 


Not sure on the body number last 4 of the vin are 2670



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To the casual eye, your machine appears to be a stock pre-L model built around March 1972.  From the photo, I see a non-stock rear wing; that's the only apparent varient for those who want a completely stock red Pantera. I suggest removing the wing and offering it as an 'extra', plugging the wing bolt holes with temporary plastic plugs- red if possible. There is no history for #2670 in the original Registry but there were more '72 pre-L Panteras built than any other. If in fact it is rust free, running and drivable, without serious damage to body or transaxle, approx. $70k is reasonable IMHO. Good luck.


There is a pretty good collection of pictures on ProvaMo for 2670 -

Looks like a nice, clean stock car, my only reservation might be based on the pictures of a fuel tank/fuel cell over the ZF...  The pix were taken in 2008, so maybe it's already been put back to stock...

Nevertheless, to me, that's an easy (albeit pricey) fix to restore the fuel tank configuration to original (or better yet - to the post-72 (with the filler hole in the gill)).

Nice car.  Good luck on the sale.


PS..  What's funny is that after relooking at the pictures on ProvaMo, it looks like the car is already equipped with a post '72 gill on the driver's side that has the fuel filler door.  So all you would need is a tank and a filler hose, and you will be living the dream!

 I love ProvaMo!






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