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I always liked the lime green as a stock Pantera as it is so unusual, and is still a very acceptable color for a exotic. Went to the website, but no photos. You have to chuckle, Craigslist is free for lengthy text description and photos, yet some are so limited in marketing capabilities. Close to $100K considering the work mentioned in the ad; however limited description and no photos seems more like an ad for a $25 piece of old furniture. I am not knocking it, but just find such things amusing.
Originally posted by JFB #05177:
wouldn't all STOCK lime green 72 Panteras look the same, so why do you want a photo Wink

With such a general description, I think photos may be nice just to see if it may be similar to either of these photos below. Sometimes photos make a bit of difference, especially when an ad indicates it needs work, ha ha...we all seen that Needs Work statement before. I have too many cars already, so no interest for me, but just commenting about different sellers perspective in trying to sell something, especially something close to $100K when you consider someone's estimate of $20K to fix it up, especially sitting there for years.

Maybe it is like this?
Nice Greenie by JanDaMan, on Flickr

Or maybe it is like this, but just in green?
Polish it by JanDaMan, on Flickr
200, I'm with you. I also find it very amusing. A little effort would go a long way. For a local buyer...I would go anyway... But if I were a long distance buyer...the photos are mandatory, and might entice someone to be interested. Seems silly, it's why wouldn't you. Unless..your strategy is just the opposite. It's too ugly to photo, and you'd rather folks not know it until they show up. ??? In general, the old saying still stands...a photo is worth a thousand words.
I'd be MORE interested as to ..."What work is needed to amount to a $20,000.00 estimate??!!"

So the carb needing to be rebuilt is mentioned...

Carb rebuild kit at $100.00...leaves $19,900.00 for WHAT???!!!

Seller could have at LEAST mentioned if the engine spins/turns freely!

...or RUST issues?!...accidents?!

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