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Someone criticizes PIM for asking prices which are ONLY $5,000 - $10,000 over 1990's values? Please...

I would say to those critics to take a look at everything around you! Everything is expensive! Hell, my house has gone up an insane value in the last few years. Does that mean I'm gonna ignore market data and give it away? Would they ignore maket data? I doubt it..

If PIM was off the mark, their quality cars would go unsold...which they're not. I would ask PIM to add a "cars sold" section displaying sold prices..

I would also add..

With the US dollar so low against the European Euro. I would consider a premium against such buyers! This same $45,000 car would be a $7000 discount to a European buyer!

Therefore, my price on this car to a Euro buyer would be 45,000 Euros.

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Not all prices can be published. Some buyers and sellers want the prices kept confidential. We do check with them now. I can tell you generally that we have sold cars in the 70K bracket. We have several sales pending now that I hope to report to you shortly. I would be happier to see the "guilt lassoo" dropped as to somebody receiving a top price for their car. I continue to believe strongly that the biggest obstacle in the Pantera market to higher pricing are some owners and pundits who use their position to scuttle the efforts of sellers to try to recoup their investment. It is rare that a seller ever makes a profit, even at "ridiculous" prices. Dave
Looks like a solid car to me, if you like yellow. A lot of money has been spent on the car, the paint looks very good, the trim has been blacked out, etc.

I think $45K was a good price, obviously so did the buyer.

Prices have got to go up eventually, can't sit at $30K to $40K forever. Demand and inflation alone will drive up prices. If Panteras are selling briskly, I would say demand is UP.

Dave, is that your observation, that sales are up?

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