1972 Pre-L SN 3242 36K miles

I purchased the car in May of 2013 from Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage. He had purchased it from an owner in Sanford Florida for a Fast-N-Loud project. It was briefly shown in the background in a couple of shows and is on the “Burnout” clip that was aired and is on YouTube. All the information I have is that the car was sold in PA and resided in TX for some years and eventually ended up in FL. It is registered on the De Tomaso Registry site.

Original paint and still has plenty of gloss but with 43 years of patina except for the repainted driver’s door and hood. It was Ziebart treated at some time and has had drain holes drilled in chassis. It is not a rusty car but did have a couple of common Pantera issues. The driver’s quarter panel had deterioration due to many years of debris accumulation so I had a local NASCAR fabricator replace that metal to 8” above the rocker panel. There is also some minor deterioration atop the fender flange under the windshield rubber on the passenger side. The windshield has a couple of scratches and a gravel peck. Driver’s door has been over extended on opening which rolled the front edge at the body crease. Front bumpers are very good condition with rears showing chrome surface deterioration. All parking lamp lens are good except right rear back up section showing inner age fractures.

It is original interior with replaced carpet and new body door weather stripping. All gauges, lights and switches work. There is some typical vinyl separation on dash top. Dropped driver’s seat pan. ATO fuse panel.

Heat and A/C
I rebuilt the heater valve and installed two heater cut-off valves. The A/C compressor has been replaced with a rotary type and new lines and works fine when charged.

I rebuilt front calipers and just installed new Porterfield R4-S pads and have rear kits. Braided braked lines. I replaced two outer universal joints. The rack and pinion appears to have been refreshed at some time but there is a minor bit of play. Currently riding on refinished late series 2 slot Campys 7” and 10” with new 215/60 and 295/50 BFG Radial TAs and a pair of refinished 8” Campys to match as well.

It has a dual core radiator with twin pusher fans (currently wired full time on) and one large sucker fan. Original tubes and tanks with Gates green stripe hoses. Does not overheat in 90+ temps.

Ignition is MSD with new wires. Lunati cam (.536/.562 lift), Harland Sharp roller rockers, Holley 670 CFM Street Avenger carburetor, medium rise intake (Blue Thunder??), 10 quart oil pan, Centerforce clutch and what appears to be Hall headers.

Original carburetor, intake manifold, exhaust headers, air filter housing, cam, coil over shocks/springs, fuse block, radiator, inflatable spare tire (damaged), early series set of two slot Campys, a very good set of side marker bezels, an external fuel filler w/tank hose adapter fitting, seatbelts w/retractors and some other minor misc. parts. A timing gear set I removed and replaced with a double roller chain.



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Looks like Bob's car is sold but we still managed to get three Pantera's together (well near each other) at a small car show in Greensboro, NC.
Great seeing both Bob and Husker!
Yes, 3242 going to Poland when the money is securely deposited into my account. Bittersweet!

Good to meet Husker and TomCat and see their cars. My last 50 mi. ride was filled with the usual "thumbs up" along the way. The best part was when TomCat and I were going west on I40 together. Husker got out ahead of us. Of both Panteras I've owned it was the first time I've been on the road with another one so I see what you guys who live in communities with multiple Panteras get get to enjoy. Kind of like a great "out of body" experience!

I thank everyone, especially George and Garvino, for advice and help during my short ownership.

Originally posted by Bob Hudson:
Yes, 3242 going to Poland when the money is securely deposited into my account.

Congratulations, I do hope this does not turn out to be another one of those scam purchases

I don't think so. The guy showed up Saturday from Poland to inspect and buy for a friend even after I tried to back out. Nothing else is going to happen until I get money secured into my account.

Heck, these days nothing is sure until it has already happened though.

Thanks for the concern.

I received the full payment today and is secure in my bank account so SN 3242 is SOLD and will be departing for Poland soon.
Sorry to she her go so soon Bob. Thanks for taking the time talking to me about it. I'll keep looking. I accepted an offer on my camaro, so I'm in the market for one once I get the funds.

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