Ok, back when I bought my car I told my wife that if anyone ever offers me $54,000 dollars for my car I would sell it. And I am a man of my word.
Is my car worth that?? NO WAY!! There are lots better cars out there for less money. You don't really want to buy my car do you??
Just so I can honestly say I tried to sell my car, here is what it is. It is a 1973 GTS that was an actual Italin car, so it has the neat gages and stuff. It has 36K killometers on the clock and I just put in a brand new CJ motor that I haven't even broken it yet. Less than 100 miles on it. There is some rust underneath the car. Which is why you don't want it. It is all original, which is another reason you don't want to buy this car. It is thirty-three years old, how much longer can it possibly last??
As a friend I got to tell you, you don't want this car, you want a viper or something. But hey, I tried to sell my car, just no one wanted it. Here is a pic below but it is about the only one I have scanned in.


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Originally posted by pantera someday:
Okay I offer 1 Dollar for the car,so now you can say you couldn't get the money you wanted for it :-)......... But nice looking car though.
I always try to help out.

Thanks bud. Remind me someday to do the same for you. Smiler
I am right now trying to figure a way to break the news gently to my wife that I put the car up for sale and no one really wanted it. I am sure she will take it in stride though. Big Grin
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