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After much thought and deliberation I've decided to sell my early 1973
Pantera, due to a steadily declining health situation. But, the first
order of business was to rescue the car from its own private hell
after languishing for several years in body shop jail.
The car was fully restored to show quality standards about 10 years
ago by the previous owner. As he was driving the car, the distributor
gear broke and damaged the engine. He brought the car to a shop to
have the engine rebuilt and 'while your at it' he wanted the engine
bay finished up and suspension gone thru as well as a few other
maintenance things.
The engine was removed from the car and rebuilt, all suspension
removed and sand blasted to get ready for paint and the engine bay
bodywork was started. And then it sat, and sat for several years in
that condition. And that is how it sits today and this is how I want
to sell it.
The good:
All of the exterior paint and bodywork is still in great condition -
Nothing is needed.
Rebuilt Engine - Electronic Fuel Injection - Nitrous
New Aluminum Flywheel w/ steel insert - Centerforce Clutch
Tapered bearing upgrade in rear hubs
Mind Train GTS Exhaust refurbished and coated
17" polished wheels
Projector headlights
Dropped Floors.
The Bad:
Engine bay needs bodywork to be finished and then painted.
I was going to use Rhino-Liner
Suspension Needs To Be Painted, Reassembled and installed
Engine needs to be finished being assembled and installed into car
Fuel injection needs to be installed and re-programmed (or updated)
Transaxle needs to be cleaned and installed
First set of pictures are how it sits today (12/28/2023) in my garage
Second set are how it looked before disassembled
I can try to answer any questions you have or take pictures of any
parts you'd like.
Can be transported on the suspension dollies
Since some can't find the price.....
***************HERE IS THE PRICE************
80k - Pick up at my home in Almont - Michigan
***************HERE IS THE PRICE************
Clear Michigan Title in my name
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