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Finally getting around to posting story and pictures of my newly acquired Pantera.  This is my first Pantera, and 3rd Pantera in the family currently.  I purchased this Pantera out of Colorado in September 2018.  The history that I know, is the car was originally out of California and ran the license plate "MOVIN".  The car was sent to Hall Pantera in the mid to late nineties and almost every option out of their catalog was thrown at it.  Everything from a complete burlwood and custom leather interior, extensive engine/exhaust work, paint and bodywork, bumpers removed and shaved, rear body flares have been modified, custom Etoile wheels painted to match exterior, custom pinstripping (even on the door glass), a rear spoiler,  gts front spoiler, custom hood, side mirrors, battery box was modified and dropped in the front trunk floor, wilwood superlite brakes at the 4 corners, custom stereo and sound bar at the rear interior headliner.  The original cleveland motor had big headers, custom Hall "16 valve" valve covers, gts ansa mufflers, not sure about internals, but car had to be killing it in the late nineties!  I'm hoping to find out more info on the car when i start to dig.  

The previous owner who I bought the car from owned it from 2007 - 2018.  He drove and enjoyed the car for a couple of years until he decided to rebuild the motor, drive train, and update the cooling system.  the car was then parked in the garage and remained there until I purchased.  The original motor was pulled and fortunately saved in the corner of the garage.  A 408 Windsor was built, and mated to a rebuilt and fully polished trans by Pantera Performance in Castle Rock CO.  The engine ran on the dyno and made 488 hp and 480 tq .  The motor was put in the car and never ran again until I purchased.  I started the engine for the first time after my brother rebuilt the ignition and engine wiring system and my father helped me install and modify the  new stainless steel cooling tubes and new aluminum radiator with electric fans.    The rear control arms were replaced with adjustable ones.  Spicer half shafts were added, and Koni adjustable coil overs as well at the four corners.  Stainless steel expansion tanks were added, Stainless steel brake lines through out the car, along with new fuel tank and stainless heat shields.  AC condenser was removed from rear of car to be located at the front.  The rear tub was stripped of all the hoses and  ac equipment and painted in a matte black epoxy paint giving it a clean and tidy appearance.   

I now am in the process of making the car my mine.  My vision, my dream of what the car can and will be.  I have ordered 180 exhaust, and they are being built now.  I am in the process of figuring out a new Wilwood braking system, one consisting of 13" 2 piece rotors, to fill custom made 18" and 19" wheels and tires.  I have ordered my steel gts flares and waiting for them to arrive next week so in can begin welding them in over thanksgiving break.  Rear deck lid spoiler has been removed and plans/prep to weld the holes have been started. New billet deck lid struts have been installed and look and function great.  The front hood vent openings have been modified and expanded.  I'm planning on running carbon fiber front bumpers, and carbon fiber 1/4 window scoops.  After flares are installed, the prep for paint and body will be started in house.  I will be painting the car myself hopefully over christmas break to my favorite color black.  The whole interior will be gone through and updated as well with new seats, steering wheel, door panels, and lots of carbon fiber.  I have added some pictures of what the car looks like now and if anyone knows any history on the car i would love to hear about it.  Stay tuned for  progress shots coming in the hopefully near future.  B5738E59-314A-40B3-8897-E7164FD95175B1F1DC1D-4C41-4A37-B5A6-C45CD5E5ECD28D6CB711-1C3C-4732-B3A1-EAAAD75CE6C647B84AE2-51FC-4A3E-B81F-81EEABD01F3421959587-1C4F-45C8-A74F-B104397E13F5B6443F58-4989-42C5-9385-96D432DC7B892B6B80A6-7E5D-4407-A4B6-5A31CFA54ABC9C191E10-8FA2-44F4-B49F-46B8522379D370EC618B-9451-449A-9A99-390303AC0C682AFD587A-2981-4940-A4EC-0BD4529CE35CBC17EF31-6F9F-4A69-B6DF-4C86DF43D190363AFCBE-74A8-44E7-8DD7-270053F67E6A09E97A64-45D4-41AD-8FD3-A1CC1B503D5B


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  • B5738E59-314A-40B3-8897-E7164FD95175
  • B1F1DC1D-4C41-4A37-B5A6-C45CD5E5ECD2
  • 8D6CB711-1C3C-4732-B3A1-EAAAD75CE6C6
  • 74B5BA76-7B04-461F-AB8B-E85E8030164A
  • 21959587-1C4F-45C8-A74F-B104397E13F5
  • B6443F58-4989-42C5-9385-96D432DC7B89
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