I have a 1973 single pod dash car in my shop that had a total suspension restoration 11 years ago. Also some cosmetics on the outside, new split bumpers and quad headlights. We did the engine top, new cam, lifters, roller chain, Armondo oil pan, heads redone, intake and carb. This one runs great and is very reliable.

It has a very solid original body (was painted maybe 20 years ago--not by me) with no corrosion in the rockers, quarters or the typical areas prone to rust. There are some minor pits starting in the lower door jamb face to rocker transition I am going to repair. The rockers, door posts and front lower valance cross member are all still clean---they were opened and addressed when I re-did the suspension.

It was originally yellow painted red. The jobs was good in the day with no masking lines showing so it was a teardown job. The headlight bar and front cross member were also painted red as original---the radiator was pulled.

It has some checking in the paint from age and sun so it is an ideal buy for a body shop owner or friend that wants a very good car needing only paint. The main problem area is the hood which is checked. The fender tops could use a repaint also if your painting only the hood. The rest is good to fare--very drivable as is.

The price is right at 66,000.00. This car would be 75 to 85+++ with fresh paint so it's price to sell fast.

You can call me at 419-344-8148 and I will explain the details. The picture below as it was before being shipped to my shop.

Kirk Evans -- AmeriSport ind. ---
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Based on the low price, IMHO, the car will be posted only 2 days. We'll be taking offers until 5PM this Thursday. If excepted, the best offer at 5pm Eastern Standard time on the 11th will own the car. No ebay or other sales attempts will be offered. The current owner will require a 15% minim down payment as by Monday. I will work out the transport details if needed or changes, repairs and details with the new owner. This Pantera is a fantastic start and it may go for more than the posted base price so if you are looking or know someone looking for a solid car, make the offer at the top and hopefully it could be yours.

If no offers are acceptable to the owner, we'll go to plan B and advertise it nationally. Since this is a Pantera enthusiast forum, we are hoping an enthusiast will buy it.

I will send additional pictures and answer questions direct so please email me at amerisport@gmail.com

Thank you for looking.


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