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As some of you may remember, last year I inheriated a 1973 from the original owner. The car has 10000 original miles and still has the original Arrivas and the original state inspection sticker on it. The car had not been run in a number of years so rather than take chances, I decided to go thru it properly. In the last few months I have invested over $17K in parts and labor. The engine was removed and cleaned, painted and detailed. The following components were also replaced; gas tank,cooling tubes/lines,water and fuel pump,radiator, gaskets,dist. update,carb rebuild, trans serviced and engine compartment detail. Tires are being replaced this week. This is just a partial list.
The interior of the car is black and shows like new. Its hard to believe its 35 years old. There are a few MINOR body dings which I will try and have removed also. The yellow paint is in really great condition.
My buddy left this car to me for a reason, and I am sad to say that I cant see it thru. I think the best thing for me to do is get it into the hands of someone who will give it the love it needs,which is why I'm offering it here first. The car is about 90% complete and I will give a better assessment next week after we fire it up.
I guess I'm gauging interest for now. I've attached a picture so you can get an idea of what it is. Contact me if you would like further info. Car is in NJ.

Chris 973 479 2972
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Chris, this is probably the worst time in your lifetime to try and sell anything, let alone something that can be cosidered by most a frivolity. If once you get her started and drive her around a little, you may find you actualy come to like the car, if not absolutely fall in love with her. All I am saying is if you hang on to her until the economy turns around, at least just a little, and only drive her on clear, beutiful days on the weekend, you will be better rewarded for your toils in both rewarding driving and a better price.
Just a thought.
I would concur with deTom on this one. Unless a car is priced to sell, no matter how spectacular it is, it will languish. Seeing that you had to put $17K into a car with such low miles reflects on the car's lack of timely and proper maintenance.

This car on eBay has excellent "provenance", has only 3900 miles, looks to be properly maintained, and no one has hit on (what I think is a too high) opening bid of $69K.

Good luck!
As I sure many of you know, the gas tanks and cooling tubes only last so long in the Pantera. With the current mechanics rates, money can get spent quickly. The car did sit for a while so I made the choice to invest the money in it because I learned long ago, do it right the first time. I am keeping it all stock except for the updated distributor. As for the other cars....they look nice and the prices do seem high...I will not be asking $69K.
The issue for me is not money but rather space..or lack of space. I have a second car for sale (non Pantera) which ever one goes, I keep the other. It is enticing though, watching it come together.........
four walling sez: "even a single Pantera being made roadworthy again is a special event."

Ditto, and well said!

Kudos to you for rehabbing what sounds like a very nice Pantera, and for keeping it original.

I agree that now is probably not the best time to sell the car. The car on eBay looked spectacular and had original tires, window sticker, super-low miles and apparently didn't sell. It might have been due to the fact that there was an unknown reserve above the $69 K starting price, which scared people off. Maybe a starting price of $65K with no reserve would have set off more interest and bidding. Or maybe the market is just off a little now. Or maybe people just won't pay high-end money for an eBay car. FYI, I paid well over $69 K for my car last year, and it is pretty similar to the eBay car.

Best of luck in the sale
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